Really strange – and i could say he work strange on windows – windows see him as composite device or some like this , cdrom and when i insert the drivers he have some modem properties and he work only with the soft provided by cdrom. Sat Oct 31, 3: Romtelecom uses or at least this is what I got as modem for this service the following modem model: Got to make sure it’s not a faulty device. Remember to always remove the module if you change any modprobe options; use “modprobe -r -v usb-storage” and check in the output that the module was really removed with “rmmod”.

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Thu Oct 29, 5: Top Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Specify what exactly is going wrong; the tools and commands to analyze problems are mentioned in this thread and in many others.

I submitted a kernel patch which was accepted for 2. I followed all those things but nothing happened. After you unplug the modem, when you plug it again, it will be seen again as usb-storage, so you must repeat the procedure above to switch it from “storage” to “modem” device How we do connect to internet? Winows save this article in your computer and keep it windos hand for when you need it next time.


But the original storage device does not seem to bind to the storage driver. Acr30u Driver Windows XP. Sat Oct 31, 7: I added the following line at the beginning: Got to make sure it’s not a ad-510l device. The most useful was this onein Romanian thank you!

AnyDATA ships their modems worldwide, so that feel free to use my advices wherever you are. Could you please acu-510l a simpler explanation, or maybe some fix that he can apply directly?

If you say “dmesg” has not changed, does that mean the device is still bound to the usb-storage driver? You are commenting using your WordPress.

I expect your good news. Of course, it is not very convenient to not have recognized at once the 3G modem, but the main mistake maybe resides in the fact itself that this modem has 2 modes of working instead of just one.

It seems this problem is caused by the zeroconf feature of ADUL modem: Copy this article in a text file onto your Linux computer, so you can windws step by windowss even if you are not connected to internet anymore. Sid depositories now have usb-modeswitch version 1.

I tried to post more on this comments but i cannot – i recieve the error – wrong characters or so – i do not remember exactly. The most recognized the most copied aluminum. The kernel may be responsible for your problems.


Unfortunately, some of them use the ID 05c6: I try again now but nothing adj-510l The utility will automatically determine the right driver.

Clicknet Mobile Linux: AnyDATA ADUL CDMA modem settings for Linux

Trying to send the message to endpoint 0x It seem somebody succed in make it to work but on ubuntu9,04 and only with an old kernel. From now on, you can ignore it the modem will be configured each time with “option”so you can proceed to next step: What was designed as a facility to carry inside it and auto-install the Windows drivers, now proves to be a headache for the Linux users that use it.

Did you try an older one too? We have to do this switch manually, each time, because we have to start the program that recognizes the device list it with “lsusb” command then everything else described in this blogwhile in your situation the system does that at start because at start it scan all usb ports and devices connected there.

Do you really need the latest kernel?

I still have one big problem. Looking for active driver