Nothing in our experience has ever been kno vn to equal the enthusiasm of the students now leam lng Summerhayes Shorterh ind. Cen be supplied fully molorlsed or with countershaft. Continued on Page 29 Scroll to previous page. We have sevcial Imported models styles Sizes suitable families 3 4 and 5 Re. J thorough knowledge all building trades wants Work city or country day or labour only.

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Coil in or Write for Prices. Nothing in our experience has ever been kno vn to equal the enthusiasm of the students now leam lng Summerhayes Shorterh ind. J portunllv in certain country districts of this Stale tn establish a permanent and profitable bus! Incorporated in VictoriaPitt Street. Exceptionally well equipped I ve All furn! Tallowwood floors 1 bedrooms plus sunroom.

Golf Links Subdivision commonds permanent views of Beautiful tree covered slopes the golf links and Middle Harboui North east aspect.

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Punch and Shear Machine foi liaht duly. Attract Is e Home comer position 2 minute level walk from vee Well built Bungalow brick on stone foundations olote rolf.


Accessories In splendid condition with living quarter Tully furnished for single man Tele. Complete proctlcol training for Groin d Engineer s Licences in accordance with Commonwealth regu lations also training for admission to R A A F in skilled positions. J Hlgh-apced Two-belt type, l’-‘fl x 4tt Bin, two Toolboxes. Continued on Page 28 Scroll to previous page. A competitive examination for appointment as Telephonist open to males not on the pcrma nent staff who oie natural bom or naturalised Bl ltlsh subjects and who were born not earlier ti an Dpccmbei 3 and not later than Decem bri 2 1J23 will be held In Sydney on Saturday afternoon December 2 In these practical typewriting tests MBC students have won every First and scores of Distinction posses.

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What’s missing? Tell us about it.

Lead Traps, “Hush” Flushcis. Trunk Store Boiler room. This Beautliul Home was designed and built for the present owner The accommodation com Plises attractive hall very nice lounge and dining rooms opening from hall with double glass doors I wo splendid bedroor. In Miniatures Ti aop-v001 Enlai. St BOY wanted for warehouse 14 to 16 yeal s Apply. Made in oil sires and lynes. My current driver is the R11 Sv–100, which I took in myself for the baseline.

The show house of the district.