Switch Replace use of the SwitchSim. In this update, you want option 2. A few trial runs and everything appears to be working as before. Similar plugins are available for TheSky X as well as software from other vendors. I guess I will have to un-install the Win10 update for now. Here is what one source Tenforums had to say:

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Unread post Sat Dec 12, 7: Hope that Celestron will take the appropriate action. The driver fails to connect to some software, raising the same errors and exceptions. We are getting very close to just nuking Cooser 10 and reinstalling 7 on all astro-imaging machines.

Using the Telescope Simulator can be a great way to explore the capabilities of your planetarium gailed, and let you gain confidence in how to use it to suit your needs. Looking forward seeing what Celestron have answered.

We would disable updates. In addition, the FocusMax program can act as both a focuser and a telescope hub. Sign in Already have an account? You can download a copy of SCU. Another option is to mount your laptop computer so that it is directly attached to the scope.

If the falied port connection hangs, your computer system may become unresponsive. Deprecated Capabilites Acom Developers. Unread post Sat Dec 12, 9: Please contact the driver author and request an updated driver. Anyway Celestron are wrong. I allowed it to update itself for an hour and then disabled further ones, removing the pending ones in the windows download folder.


Every help to make this product better is welcome and I really failex the Steve’s help to find what is the problem in APT and to make it working with his camera. In order to maintain a healthy code base, some tidying up is planned for the the next major update and details of the changes are given in the Deprecated Features section below.

One new step is needed with the Argo Navis: Register a new account. View Driver Help File.

Alert: ASCOM broken by windows update! – General – Main Sequence Software

Known Limitations – Developers. Chooser – When a driver is selected for the first time, the Aecom dialogue displays a more visible alert. This describes the need to check driver configuration before use and that the OK button will remain greyed out until this is done. This should make it possible to have the object you have centered in the eyepiece agree with your on-screen telescope cursor position. In line with previous Platform installers, 6. This change is to enable Platform components to take advantage of the new features that Framework 4 provides.


There are so many versions out there. Care has been taken to assure that this driver works with both earlier and revised firmware versions. Like most websites, SGL uses cookies in order to deliver a secure, personalised service, to provide social media functions and to analyse our traffic.

Version 6.1 SP1

If you are running Windows 10 Pro you can permanently disable automatic updates to give yourself as much time as needed to get updated ASCOM drivers. Another thing occurs; if an affected application is updated, without their developers changing its dependence, would that cause the user to run this utility again too?

I found this problem decreased the nearer the dome slot was to the mount azimuth. Important Information By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Use.

Your GoTos will be no more accurate when initiated from planetarium software than they are when started from the ServoCAT hand pad.