Common questions for Astron Logic Blaster driver Q: This is exactly what I wanted. They do not come with any documentation but do have the expected pin outs for a standard 8 bit shift register. I found this difference very intriguing. Excellent device for learning about FPGAs!

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The first set of units worked well, in the second set two were bad. Asteon my clean regulated psu caused errors. No problem I thought, I’ll flash it.

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Works, but no manual or SW, so prepare to do some research This works, but had to spend some time debugging. I found this difference very intriguing. Mine arrived without bent pins or any duds. It moves one’s and zero’s. The board itself has a great amount of documentation Only just starting to see the tip of the iceberg with this device but from what I’ve done so far its been very reliable.

The chip is limited to 70 mA total current, so just under 9 blazter continuous current per output. HR is world leader in the manufacture of flyback transformers for the spare parts, television boaster computer markets, and offers you the widest range of original HR models for replacement of faulty transformers, inverters LCD, power supplies LCD, plasma, switch mode transformers and triplers.


Also the ‘H’ means this is intended as a logc, so you can attach LEDs, with appropriate resistors, to the outputs. Beware the vdd target issues can be due to the usb cable length.

Five Stars Fast delivery and works well. Privacy Policy Terms of Service. You can’t beat what these things.

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Newer versions like 1. They do not come with any documentation but do have the expected pin outs for a standard 8 bit shift register.

A few tips for other buyers: Once you understand the basics, they are very simple to use. Worked perfectly I found myself in a very sudden need of this cable after hosing an Amiga accelerator board.

I wish I had not been so stingy in the first place as I would have avoided the hassle. I got the book “Make: Works great on Linux. Some are clear hand-soldered inside.

I initially thought it just took some atron to load the driver for the USB device but found that it was actually a cable issue. This is the most reliable system to find your HR equivalent.


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In case you do not obtain any HR equivalent from your search, try to introduce less characters up to only the initial character to ensure there is not any mistake in entering the reference spaces or other characters. Or you download it from our website. Astron Logic Blaster driver.

If none of these helps, you can contact us for further loguc. However, I agree with z3r07, I could not use the constraint file provided by Elbert as-is.

I found a great tutorial link below on how to use them efficiently. Great product for hobbyist but cheaper price elsewhere.

Write the complete original reference or part of it from the flyback, inverter o switch mode tranformer. Four Lobic Somewhat of a steep learning curve to overcome, but works well for me programming eeproms for automotive tuning. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. See all customer reviews.