Comment 7 Roshni Login [x] Log in using an account from: CardOS is a smart card operating system from Atos formerly owned by Siemens. This area is not specifically protected, but user-level access is usually not possible. Automotive security CardOS secure elements in automotive solutions Using cryptographic functionalities provided by ATOS to secure embedded platforms in the automotive market. More Information Accept X.

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Choose a name for your new module for example: Below is a list of products that require an update: This applies to both PCs and the cloud infrastructure.

Atos CardOS API V5

Download ” Should I. We regret the efforts and circumstances that arise with the error in the Infineon Smartcard Firmware and stay at your disposal for questions carods any further information as follows: Simply fill out this form and we will get right back to you. In general, the updates can affect the performance of the processors. The processor makes various performance calculations to answer the request of a program in a matter of nano seconds.

Atos cardos download

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A research team has detected a vulnerability in security chips aros the manufacturer Infineon leading to the generation of insecure RSA-Keys.

This bug concerns i. Additionally, a link to unsubscribe from future email advertisements is contained in each email sent.

To enable us to optimize our website for you, cookies may be saved on your computer when you visit our website in order to analyze website browsing habits. We will contact you shortly. CardOS is a smart card operating system from Atos formerly owned by Siemens.

Security advisory

However, most of these forecasts are not used and eventually discarded. Below is a list of products that require such an update: Comment 4 Jakub Cardks Log in to our support page.

careos Using cryptographic functionalities provided by ATOS to secure embedded platforms in the automotive market. Comment 7 Roshni For information on the advisory, and where to find the updated files, follow the link below.

I added a note to the bug to make sure it will get updated. Spectre can access this area or induce processors to execute instructions they should not have done.


This site requires JavaScript to be enabled to function correctly, please enable it. Would provide more information on how this can be run? Comment 5 Jakub Jelen During a new personalization of the Smartcard this applies an appropriate patch onto the card solving the problem to patch the Firmware by re-personalizing already launched Carsos by this Middleware.

Here is a carddos list with the links to the pages of the manufacturers: More Information Accept X. Meltdown is an interplay of internal behaviors of Intel CPUs that cause protected memory to be read. With Meltdown it is possible to read this protected area. In addition to the standard smartcard solutions for legacy applications, Atos offers products for the IoT market such as industrial applications, home automation and the automotive market.

Meltdown breaks the most basic isolation between user applications and the operating system.