Hosting provided by Metropolitan Area Network Darmstadt. Did this problem not occur in a previous release? Looking for help with my inspiron e and bcm …. Instead, an investigation would need to occur to see if the version available for your release should be updated. You just saved a laptop from a high velocity shock against a concrete wall!!! Well, the fact currently is:

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September 26, at 5: July 21, at 8: The open-source brcmsmac driver for PCIe devices is available from the brcm module of the linux kernel package, maintained upstream by the linux kernel community.

May 20, at 5: Just like OP, no wifi, no light. STA driver not working.

How to Fix Broadcom BCM4311 Wireless Driver on Ubuntu and Linux Mint

In the command below replace drivername with the driver you want bcm44311 blacklist: Before integrated circuits, other firmware devices included a discrete semiconductor diode matrix. Like I stated I am new to Slackware. Disabled in Debian 2.

Please visit this page to clear all LQ-related cookies. I miss the easy install of drivers under windows but it is time to say “adios” to Microsoft.



Page History Login to edit. Removed from Linux at 2. Now, I don’t use Slackware, so I might be missing something, and if so no doubts someone with more experience than I will give you more information. Tried so many tips from Linux forum, with wireeless luck so far. I was almost giving up on this after a 3 day search.

[SOLVED] Broadcom BCM and Slackware

From what I remember you have to compile and build a Slackware package from the Slackbuild link. I apologize for not being able to grasp what is written in internet posts I have read on this subject. July 16, at 5: Sorry I am such a pain. November 15, at 6: Has anyone had this problem and know of a fix? When I first installed alpha3 my wifi was working — though I think I installed the B43 driver since I’ve had completely different issues with the STA driver in the past. Followed the instruction but wireless network still not showing on my old dell d laptop.

WiFi was enabled immediatly without any problem, after following your instructions just once and in the process learned some more about Linux.


I’m just a regular user so probably I don’t know how to do this. Registration is quick, simple and absolutely free.

Typically, the term firmware deals with low-level operations in a device, without which the device broadcmo be completely non-functional read more on Wikipedia. Oh, wait, you installed just one deb file. Please remember that while the XP is on the internet, I cannot access the internet on the Slackware system. March 27, at 6: My guess is that eventually STA driver the one from Additional drivers will start working after some update.

There should be directions telling you what to do with the firmware that results. The open-source brcmfmac driver is available from the brcm module of the linux kernel package, maintained upstream by the linux kernel community. Also, the open source b43 should already be included with your install, unlike the proprietary wl driver.