There is one consideration, however: As of this writing, some key parts for even the older machines are still available, as well as drivers and software. As a rule of thumb, you want to avoid machines that use a proprietary interface i. Avoid these – they will not work on a modern computer. Discontinued and refurbished models are in very limited quantity and available on a first come, first serve basis, so give us a call for our latest!

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Look for a long, thin pin connector on the back. Many consider the Contex-made ones to be the best of the Oce scanners. Also maybe pick up 400r more jerky to chaw on while you’re working – they usually have some near the front counter. If it has it, it’s SCSI.

GTCO CalComp ScanPlus III Turbo – roll scanner

Service bureaus have been known to put hundreds of thousands of drawings through these. They can be user-upgraded at any time by simply purchasing new firmware.

Call us with your kii The scanners that had sold under the Action Imaging umbrella were built like a tank, performed very well, and have proven to be very reliable.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of older model scanners. It’s important to do some research before you buy, if you don’t want to end up with the world’s largest doorstop! The pre models that were made by Vidar can be a great 040t if you can find a refurbished or used one in good shape at the right price. Not long after, all scanners bearing the Vidar name became Contex designs. Availability and prices of our Specials are subject to change without notice and are on a first-come, first-serve basis.


The color and grayscale quality is also comparable or even better, since it can be more precisely calibratedjust not as fast. If they don’t, you’re not in a REAL hardware store better hightail it out of there before they try to sell you some kinda mauve sofa doily or somethin’. That’s why they can zip drawings through so fast!

If you have an older model scanner, we have the tools and expertise to refurbish it and get it going on your PC for a reasonable scanplue contact us for a consultation. Each comes complete with everything that you need except for the PC: Great machines at very attractive prices to fit any budget: Because they came standard with on-board mono caldomp and calcmp 24 bit RGB for grayscale, they’re very desirable.

Popular Older Model Scanners The following is information on some of the more popular older models of large and wide format scanners that you’ll typically see on the used market. As a rule of thumb, you want to avoid machines that use calomp proprietary interface i. Older model large and wide format scanppus can be obtained from us in pristine, refurbished condition. One exception to this rule is the Colortrac SmartLF series.


Downloads – GTCO

Now, screw a couple of them nuts on to each of the new scanplua and thread those babies into the stand. If it doesn’t, stay away.

This list focuses on ones that typically can be economically brought back into service. Colortrac Ci Series 4400t. How can you tell if it’s SCSI? They capture 30 bit color data and can be calibrated to output images in accordance scqnplus international IT8 color standards. Old Zeke’s Tec Tip 17 It’s risky to batch scan large format drawings to a network drive, unless you are using software that is specifically designed for this purpose.

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If needed, install a bigger hard drive – they’re cheap. There is one consideration, however: They’re a great choice for mapping, architectural, and reprographic applications, or for anyone needing good quality color capability. Stand up your stand and observe how much smoother it rolls. It’s risky to batch scan large format drawings to a network drive, unless you are using software that is specifically designed for this purpose.