It is designed to capture and play back analog video from sources including VCRs, Hi8, and cameras to your computer. The ADVC was the best converter that also cleaned up video of it’s time. You can use this DVD output software on compatible computers. The device is compatible with any video format. This product includes component support for image outputs, which is ideal for monitoring the film as you convert it. Found the manual now. The ADVC came highly recommended after trying several cheaper capture devices.

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Originally Posted by hech I basically cannot use this thing until I find software. The OS recognized and installed the drivers properly the first time I installed it – I was then able to install the Picture Controller software, which works fine.

That question to GVG Canopus should be answered. The ADVC is also compatible with widely-used video editing applications.

I’ve quadruple checked them, since most issues come from stupid mistakes like connecting cables. Bit confused right now. You can use it to remove red eye, greenish hues from lights, and vocal distortion.


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You can also use this kit to digitally clean up old home movies and then re-convert them back to a cassette format. You can use this DVD output software on compatible computers. This is what you need.

Hope you solve it. I’ve finally gotten the ADVC and it’s all hooked up, then I realized that it actually comes with no capture software. Correct – it’s set to “off”, but Picture Controller still opens.

How to apply color correction using the Gradie But no obvious reason why it should not work with Vista. The ADVC is capable of all feature adjustments from the panel buttons see manual. Show More Show Less.

Canopus ADVC 300 Digital Video

My final thought before I put out the stocking for Santa to fill. Otherwise, I’m at a loss, here OBS Studio screen recording and streaming guid Do you get a picture in the preview window? Thanks for helping out here! The preview feature allows you to capture screenshots and perform small edits of any kind.

Advvc, with identical inputs and outputs on the ADVC – the inputs are on the front same side as the output for the IEEE cable – it would not be impossible to confuse them.


This Canopus video software is easy to use even if you have never converted VHS tapes to a video disk.

Contact Us VideoHelp Top. About stand canoopus mode, the switch was actually pre-set to “off” meaning not in PC mode by default! Last edited by Pixelrage; 24th Dec at This device has proven to be a game changer and a must have for anyone desiring to do the job correctly. In the meantime try the “Compatibility Mode” options in executive file properties.

Canopus ADVC 300 Converter

It is always a possibility that the issue is at the VCR end. Seeing as you cannot undo the trashing and low rating you gave this FREE program 030 the comments section Skip to main content. It even works with cassettes that have degraded.