Sorry for the late response. Chris Halse Rogers raof on Since we don’t use that cursor If you would provide a patch, I’ll test either today or in the week after my vacation. Comment on this change optional.

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I’m tracking this down now. Also after upgrading to 2. Now that I’ve got some hardware to test on I noticed that moving the mouse changes the behaviour of the broken screen, so I suspected that the hardware cursor might be involved. Running the kernel since last week on my laptop nvidia graphics though without detecting any regressions. Can we get this patch also applied to Lucid?

I’ve also just noticed w1902w. I hope I can respond faster now if you need further input. I compared the dmesg output with drm.

For any other tested mode x, x, xI encounter the same out-of-sync problem as descried above. But this mode is chosen by xrandr when no explicit refresh rate is given.

Maybe I’ll have to replace it During the loop I caaptiva the mouse from time to time and from edge to edge. This is now in Airlied’s drm-next branch, commit http: All resolution changes work. Instead of disabling the cursor it may be sufficient to ensure that the cursor will not be outside the new resolution.


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For me it looks like the chance that resolution switching does not work is a little bit higher when I use krandrtray instead of xrandr. The display switches from text mode to higher resolution later when the i module is loaded. So I could not test what happens when resolution is changed with krandrtray. Some other guy has posted a screenshot which shows the result [1]. Where will the cursor be positioned when it’s re-enabled after switching?


The revised patch also has problems – the cursor will sometimes be replaced with a corrupted pixmap when it’s unhidden. I suspect that the resolution changes are only a part of this problem. Bug Watch Updater bug-watch-updater ee1902w Changed in linux Ubuntu: Any item with “FREE Shipping” label on the search and the product detail page is eligible and contributes to your free shipping order minimum. Andy Whitcroft apw on Please test proposed package.

Bug attachments report-hw edit Xorg. Can you disable the vesa fb driver in kernel configuration and see whether the issue still exists? Intel mainboard with iG chipset 2nd PC: When changing the resolution on a Fujitsu Siemens Esprimo and a Fulitsu Siemens 24″ display, the X server is hung with colored graphic blocks. I’ll test whether fiddling with this cursor code makes a difference. I made a lot of reboots now and I have not seen any pattern in when things break and when not.


I am not sure whether the issue is related with SDVO. After running “xrandr –output DVI1 –mode 0x49” the monitor went to standby mode. Hi Christian, Thanks for the bug report.