Search Dell Company Information. Page 58 – Scanning directly to e-mail using the pr Installing The Printer On Other Computers Installing the printer on a wireless network Before you install the printer on a wireless network, make sure that: Right-click the name of your printer. From your computer, resume the print job. Load envelopes or photo paper. Close all open software programs.

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Dell Pw All-in-One Wireless Printer Overview – CNET

pronter Press Making a duplex copy Making a duplex copy automatically Don’t have an account? Select the color, resolution quality and the original image size. Be careful not to tear the paper while removing it. Add, edit, or delete contacts in the built-in phone book.

Understanding The Home Screen Help Home Understanding the home screen After the printer is turned on and a short warm-up period occurs, the display shows the following basic screen which is referred to as the home screen.

For more information about configuring the box to work wirelessly, see the documentation that came with your box. If the cable is damaged, then use a new one. Clickor click Start and all-inn-one click Run.

Press to start printing the document. Click Wireless setup utility link. To use the settings defined prijter the printer, select Use Printer Settings. Up to 33 ppm – mono, Up to 30 ppm – color. Ink-jet – color – photo.



Many devices can interfere with the wireless signal, including baby dell, motors, cordless phones, security system cameras, other wireless networks, and some Bluetooth devices. Make sure the printer is dry before beginning a new print job. Select an application, and then touch Accept. Use ;rinter envelope icon and the photo paper outline on the bottom of the tray to help you position envelopes or photo paper.

Using the printer software For best results, allow the prints to dry at least 24 hours before stacking, displaying, or storing. Safety Information Safety information Connect the power cord to a properly grounded prinrer outlet that is near the product and easily accessible.

Check with your Bluetooth-enabled device manufacturers cellular phone or PDA to determine their hardware compatibility and interoperability. WPA security is an option only on infrastructure networks with wireless access points and network cards that support WPA. Select Local Port, and then click New Port. It helps too that the screen is a comfortably large 4. Press to turn the printer back on.


Dell All-in-One Wireless Printer P713w User Manual

Flip up the paper stop to catch the paper as it exits. When the extension is fully out, it accommodates legal-size paper. Using the Windows printer software Software installed during printer installation When you set up the printer using the installation software CD, all the necessary software was installed. Adjust the paper guides to rest gently against the left, right, and bottom edges of the envelopes or photo paper. A sweet deal on a Qi charger for the car.

Relatively low paper capacity. Hexadecimal characters are A-F, a-f, and If necessary, touch ON, and then touch Accept.

Press to turn off the printer. Page scanning using the touch screen 55 duplex copying, automatic 53 copying, manual 53 extending drying time 45 printing, automatic lrinter printing, manual 46 duplex unit location 12 Eco-Mode using 19 editing photos using touch screen 39 energy conserving 8 enlarging an image 51 envelopes loading 27, 30, 36 printing