Unipolar drives do NOT need high side switches, isolated gate or base drives nor dedicated high side driver power supplies to run the top half of the bridge. Increasing the turns of the coils increases the inductance. Though a bipolar stepper motor is more complicated to drive, the abundance of driver chips means this is much less difficult to achieve. Where do you people come up with this crap? Microstepping is easier with bipolars motors.

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I’m running unipolar motors on a bi-polar drive.

Stepper Motor: Unipolar/Bipolar, 200 Steps/Rev, 42×48mm, 4V, 1.2 A/Phase

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The common method for running a unipolar motor bipolar is to run them in a half coil configuration. Email Required, but never shown.

Hey kiddo, follow your own advice e be surprised ;- Yeah, taking a stepper apart do render it useless or at least very weak much lower torque … the rotor will demagnetize a good deal if taken from inside the stator ….

When was the last time you saw a stepper with feedback? Add to cart Add to wish list. This mod is easy and useful but one must take in account that the maximum speed attainable drops dramatically since this is a bipolar SERIES configuration.


Stepper leads ACBand D should be connected to the stepper motor driver rdiving normal for a bipolar stepper motor see the bipolar stepper connections above. Report back with your findings. The opinions expressed in this post are my own and are not necessarily those of CNCzone and its management.

Thanks, this clears a lot of confusion. The time now is The question of torque has ddiving been amusing to read through. The basic topology aside, the complications and the actual drive method have more to do with how the bridge is sequenced and how the load responds.

Steppers can, and often do lose steps. Everything else is there just to confuse you.

Unipolar Stepper run with Bipolar Driver

H bridges need time delay, and lock out control circuitry to keep disallowed states from occurring. This NEMA size hybrid stepping motor can be used as a unipolar or bipolar stepper motor and has a 1. You need to remove this connection to use it as bipolar. Compare all products in Stepper Motors. Follow us on All times are GMT Where do you people come up with this crap? I can say that this temperature increment is not advisable. Go find two microstepping designs: I am a professional engineer with expertise and experience in power electronics so to me you sound like you have neither expertise nor experience.

Changing Unipolar Steppers To Bipolar | Hackaday

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: It sounds like you think the magnetic field can leak away somehow…. Doing so increases the inductance and therefore the time it takes for the stepper to respond to the pulse, increasing the chance of a missed step and reducing the top end speed of the motor.


However, if you have the appropriate control circuitry, you can increase the stepper motor torque by using the unipolar stepper motor as a bipolar stepper motor note: How is microstepping any easier with bipolar motors? I am also in process of doing same thing.

I have a stepper with 6 wires Unipolarand I want to run it using steper Xylotex Bipolar Driver, How do I figure out which wire go where?? These motors come in a variety of flavors, from the four-wire deals you find in 3D printer builds, to motors with five or six bipllar. However you like to think about that, the fact is it is what I said, the inductance is changing much more quickly as they get closer and that is what causes the increased force.