Make sure the white stickers on the back of the film holder and the areas around them are not scratched, dusty, or covered in any way. Click Apply, then click OK. Notes contain important information and useful tips on the operation of this product. The instructions are the same, except as noted. How satisfied are you with this response? Unsharp Mask Sharpens the edges of image areas for an overall clearer image.

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High performance, low energy Begin scanning photos and documents straight away with virtually no warm-up time.

[Solved] Epson Scanner Not Working on Windows 10

Select your scanner from the Scanner list. Image Adjustment Adjusts brightness and contrast and the balance of red, green, and blue colors in the overall image. Notes contain important information and useful tips on the operation of this product. Do not spray lubricants inside the scanner. If you need to remove dust marks as you copy, click the Dust Removal check box.

The pointer becomes a set of cross-hairs. Place the scanner and the AC adapter near an electrical outlet where the adapter can be easily unplugged.

Click the icon in the upper right corner of the screen. The feature may also not work correctly if you scan an indoor image that contains no faces, an outdoor image in which the sky is not at the top, or any image containing bright spots or objects in locations other than the top of your image.


Clean the outer case with a cloth dampened with mild detergent and water. When the confirmation window appears, click Yes. Just draw them as described in steps 1 through 3, or click the copy marquee icon to create additional marquees of the same size. Make sure the film or slides are placed in the film holder correctly and the film holder is properly positioned on the document table.

[Solved] Epson Scanner Not Working on Windows 10 – Driver Easy

If you want to perfectiion a custom resolution, remove dust marks, or restore faded colors, click Customize. To restrict the size of the marquee to the current proportions, hold down the Shift key as you resize the marquee.

Home Mode lets you customize some scanning settings and check their effects with a preview image. To move the marquee, position your cursor inside the marquee.

Computers with USB 2. Remove and restore Your photos, slides and film will be returned to a near-original state: Repeat this step for each page in your document. If pertection would like to register peefection an Epson partner, please click here. You can only scan 35 mm color film strip or color positive slides in Full Auto Mode.

Epson Perfection V33 User`s guide |

I also had to do this for the “Copy Utility”, and the “Epson Event Manager”, however, I soon figured out that the “Epson Event Manager” regardless of what I set buttons to within their program, didn’t respond. Make sure your computer and USB meets the system requirements.


The Preview window appears and displays your image s. Exact color matching is very difficult.

EPSON Scan previews each image, detects which type of original it is, and selects the scan settings automatically. Click the arrow in the list next to the button name, then select the action you want to assign. To adjust the image quality, click the scan area s perrfection want to modify and make the adjustments.

If you want to rotate pages, click the pages, or use the select the pages, then click the left or odd pages, even pages, or all pages icon to right rotate icon to rotate them.

Issues with Scanner buttons in Windows 10 on Epson v30, v33…. and it appears many more.

You can scan multiple document pages and save them in a single PDF file. Unplug the AC adapter cord from the scanner.

The Auto Photo Orientation feature may not work correctly if the faces in your image are very small or not looking straight ahead, or if the faces are of infants. Do one of the following to adjust the marquee.