The soft drinks market in Bangladesh consists mainly of seven companies. It has grabbed a huge portion of the soft drinks market. Indirect Competitor Market Share 1. So if we fail to achieve the targeted sale and revenue than in total there will be no loss. Partex Beverage Ltd Big Boss 7.

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Juice industry mainly focus on the young kids and people. The barriers that the group are breaking down, one session at a time, have a lot to do with bul — and images of white, bikini-clad women in surf magazines and male-dominated line-ups are just the beginning.

There are some reasons to choose urban areas at first. The purposes of sports drinks and energy drinks are more or less the same. Pran Mineral Water Bul Figure Still the buying decision of young people between 6 to 19 years people depends on the decision of their elders and guardians.

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But it has not got that much response from the market which is a concern for our proposed product. But in the whole year there is a good sale of energy drinks and mineral water. And for the convenience of sportsman they can bring this product in the market. For continuous production we will make long term contact with the suppliers and ensure the efficient use of resources.


We would not have performed all the necessary surveys. May-August We have fixed these four months to collect information regarding our sports drink.

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With this product we will do the down market stretch from the company. From market trend it is clear that there are customers who are ready to spend for the right product. Because we are rer them also so we need to know their behavior about this kid of product.

All data are not available or accessible. Market shares of different kinds of Beverages 1. Inshe passed the official leadership torch to Mira Manickam-Shirley, who is ushering the group into a new phase.

But the people has cosidered it as another new energy drink. At first our first target will be those who can be motivated easily to taste our product.

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So comparing with them we have fixed a retail price of 23 taka. How we will compete with them that discussed in Part 2-Marketing Strategy. Find more info at Facebook. Most of our direct competitors are local brands.

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We have endeavored to make this Marketing plan paper a complete one. While doing our consumer segmentation we keep these things in our mind which re given below: Sportsman and others who are involved in physicalactivity fzrhana look these benefits in drinks directly or indirectly. The whole model is hypothetical and based on the traditional behavior of Bangladeshi customers. The current market situation indicates that it will be a good venture idea to launch a sports drinks from this company.


We have chosen this because green color is the symbol of nature and refreshment. Bexco Concern Speed 3. So we have tried our best to get the market share information of different beverage categories in Dhaka city by using a questionnaire APPENDIX 1 on the basis of the sale of those products.

There will be lebels on the plastic bottle and can of our proposed sports drinks. While doing this report we have found that marketing is a collaborative task where participation of each member is necessary. Company Selection This is totally a hypothetical marketing plan for launching a sports drink in Bangladesh. Soft drinks industries produce large volumeof standardized drinks for a mass market. In this segmentation lifestyle is very important.