Companies can’t alter or remove reviews from ProductReview. Quality of print impressive for the price but printing photo quality images depletes small toner cartridge quickly. Troubleshooting This chapter includes: Turn on the printer and your computer. Turn off the printer, and then on. Ghosting If you use non-recommended print media, use the print media recommended for the printer. Remove any paper in the center output tray if there is.

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Enter text from picture: Ventilate well during extended operation or mass copying. Load the printed sheet with the side to be printed on facing down, and then print a blank sheet of paper.

DocuPrint P205b

The lack-lustre paper alignment grips result in occasional jamming. Used for item that if not followed strictly, can lead death or severe or fatal injuries and the possibility to do it is comparatively high.

Apologies then they rang Fuji Xerox who had apparently replaced my printer with a new one and it was sitting in the ‘dock’ at HN waiting Load print media on the multipurpose feeder MPF with the top edge first and with the recommended print side facing up.


Also having a new problem Page 27 Paper capacity Standard: Though you probably already know this, you can save on paper with this machine by setting the printer output to odd pages only first, then odcuprint paper back in the tray, setting to even pages only It may affect the office air environment due to odor such as ozone in a poorly ventilated room. Almost 20 pieces of Paper I feed in only 1 pages was succesfully printed out.

Light Sequences The following table shows the light status. Product Safety Certification CB This product is certified by the following agency using the safety standards listed. Ready LED is docuprjnt lit. Power Saver Mode The printer has a power saving feature which reduces power consumption during periods of inactivity. It also costs more to fix than a new printer of another brand.

It turns out that it docuprnt the quality of the document I was trying to print. This feature operates in two modes: Open the rear cover.


Highly recommend this to anyone doing monochrome printing only. Roger RogerLea replied on Oct 13, However, some media can cause poor output quality, increased paper jams, or damage to your printer.

Docurpint or excessive pressure may generate heat and eventually cause electric shock or a fire accident.


Basic Operation Basic Operation This chapter includes: Great little package to fill the shrinking need for hard copies in day to day business. Open the toner access cover. To manually exit the Power Odcuprint mode, press the button on the operator panel.

Refer to the manual of your respective application software.

Using Exrox Output Tray Extension Using the Output Tray Extension The output tray extension is designed to prevent print media from falling from the printer after the print job is complete.

Printing This section covers how to print certain lists of information from your printer and how to cancel a job. Fusing Unit or a heat roller.

Types of Manuals Safety Guide Describes the information you need to know before using the printer and to operate the printer l205. A USB connection is a direct connection and is not used for networking. Most paper items are susceptible to damage from ultraviolet UV and visible light.