This product shall be verified to comply with the rules for Class A digital devices before final delivery to the buyer or centers of distribution. Instructions must be placed in the form definition for N-up printing. Prices All other terms are the same as those applicable to the IBM Machine in which the feature is installed. These parameters deserve consideration equal to that given to cost of supplies and other ongoing expenses. This IBM exclusive moves high-production printers one step closer to the industry-wide, open-system objectives. If different lengths of cable are required, they must be ordered separately from the product or feature by your IBM representative.

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For instance, when switching from printing with normal black toner to printing checks with MICR. This feature code allows a customer to order an additional CCD with Blue toner for printer engines that already have at least one CCD installed. Feature code must be installed to disable the standard stacker lnfoprint printing this form length, and suitable post-processing equipment is recommended.

Publications All current publications will be updated with technical newsletters. November, 22, for Infoprint Printers. The maximum print width is 17 in mm.

Simplex applications with black toner plus one hi-lite colour 1 Duplex applications with the reverse side printed in an opposing colour.

IBM Infoprint CSE options allow a choice of different page arrangements to accommodate different post-processing requirements. While provided by IBM and included in the price of the product or feature, they are shipped from a different physical location and must be ordered separately for the product of feature by infoprjnt IBM representative.


Raster fonts are supported by all PSF platforms. IBM supplies are manufactured to very high quality standards. These should be well understood by the IBM representative through communication with the customer. The stacker can stack paper with lengths between 7 and 14 inches and infoprjnt.

N-Up Page Positioning is needed for applications that require pages of different sizes or page positioning other than 2-up side by side. In the US, call Lexmark Telemarketing at Please call so we can set it up for you.

Footer links Contact Privacy Terms of use Accessibility. An operator alert facility, that includes a flashing light and an audible alarm with volume control, is located on top of a pedestal that is mounted to the top of the AFCCU or PUM.

IBM InfoPrint Toner Cartridges & Supplies

Offerings for all customer segments: When printing in duplex, only one attachment can be active at a time. Outline fonts can be downloaded to the printer from PSF libraries. In this case, the N-up specification is used and CSE is ignored.

Simple Infoprinr Management Protocol SNMP Increase printer utilization by monitoring printers remotely or by enabling automatic alert notification when printers need paper or toner. If you have a requirement for a page larger than It is recommended that customers maintain a one- to two-month stock of supplies on hand. A CCD is dedicated to one serial numbered printer engine. Specific infprint customized reports and analysis software is the responsibility of the customer.

IBM Infoprint 4000 MICR Series Continuous Forms

One belt; part number represents one belt Packaging: The Customer Changeable Developer Upgrade feature consists of an operator-changeable-developer and the parts necessary to convert a “non-Customer Changeable Developer” to a “Customer changeable Developer Printer” Any printer that has been upgraded with or can have the Customer Changeable Developer features or Ibbm some cases, IBM may pass along information that third parties have provided us about the status of their products.


IPDS supports a command, Select Medium Modifications SMMwhich ibbm one or more actions or modifications to be taken or inhibited on the current sheet of physical media paper being processed by post-processing equipment.

Productivity Tracking feature also provides an activity logging capability. Jnfoprint the capability and flexibility of receiving eitheror dpi datastreams and printing them at high throughput on lbm single printer, you can have the option of reducing overall printing costs by eliminating redundant printers that, up to now, were necessary to maintain the capability and options for printing either dpi, dpi, and dpi datastreams.

Please call so we can set it up for you. The new GUI, along with the new Infoprint Operations Architecture, is the basis for future improvements in operator help and printer management functions. The GUI provides simpler and more standard buttons and functions for all capabilities. Outline fonts can be downloaded to the printer from PSF libraries.