Index Constructs an array of values appropriate for this index from the given column value. Database Returns the default enforce foreign-keys policy. IndexCodes – Constructor for class com. GeneralLegacyIndexCodes – Class in com. TempPageHolder Sets the current page number and returns that page setPrecision byte – Method in class com. Database Create a new Database for the given fileFormat create Database. Therefore, the rest of this answer should no longer be an issue, but keeping it here for reference.

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CaseInsensitiveColumnMatcher – Constructor for class com. Type, boolean – Static method in class com. AutoNumberGenerator Returns the last autonumber generated by this generator. PropertyMaps – Class in com. Database Flushes any current changes to the database file and any linked databases to disk. CursorBuilder Sets the starting and ending row for a range based index cursor to the given entry where the given values correspond to jacocess index’s columns. IndexCursor Returns a modifiable Iterator which will iterate through all the rows of this table which match the given index entries, returning only the given columns.

Cursor Moves to the next row in the table and returns it.


Jackcess – Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Health Market Science? Joiner Creates a new Joiner based on the given index which backs a foreign-key relationship.

ByteUtil Swaps the 4 bytes changes endianness of the bytes at the given offset. Jckcess Sets a savepoint to restore for the initial position of the cursor. IndexData Constructs an array of values appropriate for this index from the given column values, expected to match the columns for this index.

Cursor Resets this cursor for reverse traversal sets cursor to after the last row.

Index (Jackcess API) – Javadoc Extreme

A long-overdue overhaul of the public API has been completed, and the major version number of the Jackess APi has been changed to 2. ErrorHandler Handles an error encountered while reading a column of data from a Table row.

Database Sets a new TimeZone. ColumnOrder – Method in class com. EntryCursor – Class in com. ImportUtil Copy a delimited text file into a new or optionally exixsting table in this database.

Jackcess is a pure Java library for reading from and writing to MS Access databases currently supporting versions ColumnBuilder Sets whether of not the new column allows unicode compression.

Table Update the row on which the given rowState is currently positioned. TempBufferHolder Releases any referenced memory.


ByteUtil Convert a byte buffer to a hexadecimal string for display toHexString ByteBuffer, int, int, boolean – Static method in class com. It will work on any Java Virtual Machine 1. Jackcess is licensed under the Apache License as of version 2.

Cursor Calls beforeFirst on this table and returns a modifiable Iterator which will iterate through all the rows of this table which match the given row pattern, returning only the given columns.

The “compile” and “runtime” dependencies which are not marked as “optional” are necessary for using Jackcess in your application.

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RowFilter – Constructor for class com. Index Whether or not the complete index state has been read. SimpleExportFilter – Constructor for class com. IndexPageCache Writes any outstanding changes for this index ndbc the file. If a database is actually encrypted, then you will need need an encoder. CursorBuilder Returns a new index cursor for the table, constructed to the given specifications.