Its rich set of features are more than mere marketing hype too, as the DX held up very well throughout my testing, delivering excellent photos under a wide range of conditions. Kodak’s color and white balance technology has long been among the best in the photo industry, but until now has been restricted to either the low end of the consumer market in their EasyShare line , or the very high end of the professional world in their pro SLRs. Choices are Best 2, x 1, pixels , Best 3: Show More Show Less. A similar camera without the KODAK name is a great deal less expensive but, it does not carry the prestige as a “name brand” does in today’s w orld.

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Dec 22, video.

DPOF support, direct print. Show More Show Less. This distortion is visible as a very slight colored fringe around the objects at the edges of the field of view on the resolution target. Here’s a shot at the default exposure setting, for comparison.

Optical Sensor Size metric. Easy to hold, easy to store and easy to use!

I’ve begun including links in our reviews to a Thumber-generated index page for the test shots. Insert an additional memory card and you could snap away at paris Hilton for hours! However, since the original data file for this poster was only 20MB, the DX is almost certainly capable of showing more detail than the poster has in it.

Adds images to an image album, created on a computer with the camera’s interface software. Another forget about it! It definitely won’t fit into your shirt pocket, but the DX is small enough for larger coat pockets, purses, backpacks, etc. Just above the compartment is one of the neck strap attachments.


For weeks, we’ve been getting hammered with the question “Will Chris and Jordan continue their tradition of doing a Best and Worst year-end episode? In addition to the 10x optical zoom, the DX also offers as much as 3. Thus, the camera loses most of the detail in the bright white paint surrounding the bay window, a trouble spot for ezsy digicams.

The all-glass lens has 11 elements in seven groups, with three aspherical elements and lenses xx6490 from Extra Low Dispersion ED glass. Formats the SD memory card or internal memory. The Nikon Z6 koda, not offer the incredible resolution of its sibling, the Z7, but its 24MP resolution is more than enough for most people, and the money saved can buy a lot of glass.

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Kodak DX Digital Photography Review

Though for more advanced functions, it shouldn’t take more than a half an hour or so to get shage gist of things. This powerful zoom function also allows you to take detailed shots of faraway scenes.

More Information on this camera from Megapixel. The shots below show the results of three different flash exposure settings in the normal flash mode, so you can see the effect of progressive increases in the EV adjustment. The rendering of detail in the poster will be very different than in this shot, and color values and even the presence or absence of iodak on the trees!


Kodak DX6490 – 10x zoom

The camera i purchased has something wrong on the screen, and is a bit used Recording stops and starts with a full, brief press of the Shutter button, but if you hold the button down for more than a second or two, the camera will automatically stop recording when you let it back up again.

This camera comes kovak multiple scene modes, including night, sport, landscape, and portrait mode. Displays the same settings as under the Record menu.

The strongest highlights are still blown out though. Overall color is very good, although there’s just enough of the warm cast from the background illumination to evoke the look of the original scene.

Kodak EasyShare DX6490

Toys and Tabletop Games by Bonnie Burton 8 days ago. We’ve never taken sides in the row modak whether image stabilization should be provided in-body or in the lens, but we’ll now list the absence of eaay stabilization as a Con in our camera reviews. Gear of the Year – Dan’s choice: As with all Imaging Resource product tests, I encourage you to let your own eyes be the judge of how well the camera performed.