The DX performed very well on the “laboratory” resolution test chart. Kodak EasyShare DX digital camera review: The tiny Nano1 astronomy camera shoots for the stars The makers behind the Tiny1 astronomy camera are back with an even smaller shooter. Marked with a camera icon and the word “Auto,” this mode is best for most average shooting conditions. Roger Cicala and his team at Lensrentals tore down Canon’s third-generation mm F2. Selects between the internal memory or the SD card for image storage.

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This left the midtones fairly dark, but left at least some detail in most of the highlights. Formats the SD memory card or internal memory.

Computational photography remakes phone photos, while Canon and Nikon embrace the camera design of the future. In Program mode, the DX sets the most ideal shutter speed and aperture combination.

Pressing the Information button cancels and recalls the default limited information display. Pushing down on the multi-controller activates the nine-image index display mode. Explore the images on the pictures pageto see how the DX’s images compare to other cameras you may be considering.

Kodak EasyShare DX6490 4.0MP Digital Camera – Black

Write-protects the displayed image, preventing it from being accidentally erased or manipulated except via memory or card formatting. If selected, the lens will continuously focus during movie recording. This state of the art science uses an automatic fill flash to accurately depict back lit scenes. A Taiwanese company known for producing skins for Sony products has released what is very likely its most unusual skin to date.


Kodak DX Digital Photography Review

Is it enough of a refresh to keep up with the times? Gear of the Year – Dan’s choice: OK, now back to our regularly scheduled review Like Kodak’s other EasyShare cameras, when combined with the accessory camera dock, the DX is one of the easiest to use cameras on the market.

These digital cameras are designed for the maximum user friendly experience. The Kodak DX distinguishes itself by exposing the EasyShare system eays stands for simplicity and user’s friendliness.

Novice to experienced amateur. Dec 23, video. Dec 20, Other specifications on this Kodak camera include a built in flash with auto and off mode, an internal memory of 32MB, and a flash SD memory card slot.

Sigma releases X3F Raw conversion plugin for Photoshop. Sharr the mode description on or off. The available semiautomatic and manual exposure control options provide a lot of flexibility, while the camera’s fully automatic okdak do an excellent job of capturing good-looking photos with little or no user intervention.

Kodak EASYSHARE DX – digital camera – Schneider-Kreuznach Overview – CNET

Dec 26, In this interview, Simon looks back at his time at the helm. Pour yourself a cocktail and enjoy. Syncs the flash with the exposure for brighter night shots.


Copies files from the internal memory to the SD card, or the reverse. I’ve begun including links in our reviews to a Thumber-generated index page for the test shots. In the DX, the passive AF system gets the lens into the approximate focusing range quickly, and then the contrast-detect system takes over from there for the final tweaks.

Exposure is similar to the wider shot above, as shafe DX again produces rather high contrast.

The focal length mm suare of the professional quality Schneider-Kreuznach Variogon 10X zoom lens gives photographers superb framing flexibility. I’m usually not a fan of EVFs, because they’re generally useless at low light levels.

Want to take better photos and videos? In a nice touch, the lens cap rides out with the lens, so you don’t have to worry about straining the lens mechanism if you turn on the camera with the hsare cap still in place.