However, it says 34 is out of original lexmark ink and showes an “X” into a red circle over the ink level and a yellow triangle with a “! So just to make sure I understand, what is the way to reset the Lexmark 28? There is nothing wrong with the X To verify this idea, we need to remove the sticker from a new or partially used cartridge to see if it still works, If it does, the barcode is not the answer. It is the two outside contacts only. How do you fix the 23 and 24’s?

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Return cartridge to printer and close lid.

As a controls engineer in the water industry, I would like to offer a couple ideas. The datasheet for this chip is located at: Like you when something gets under my skin I get pretty determined-especially in this case when people are getting royally ripped off.

Good Luck, i ledmark this helped!

Hi, as I posted a few weeks ago, I bought some empty used carts. Really, no more Lexmark in my life! I think that the solution might be this procedure we just have to find the right procedure on converging up the contacts in the right order to reset this damn thing. After looking at all the traces it seems as if all the traces go straight to the 2500d.

Lexmark Using Inkjet Cartridge Chips AND Spyware?

I removed the top,sides,and inner seperator. Hi after reading all these problems i thought i would have to buy a new printer as i had the same problem, out of original lexmark ink kept displaying and the order ink or cancel button was not responding i have x wireless printer and before giving lexjark i tried to reinstall software and drivers again, this time i uninstalled lexmark software, i then did a search on the computer typed in lexmark and deleted everything it found with lexmark in it even in the hidden files,i then emptied the recyle bin, tried another search found nothing i then cleaned up my computer, i use advanced system care freeware i then did a registry clean up registry first aid i also then cleaned up all internet files using internet options then i defragmented the computer.


PS what cartridge model number did you use? That should tell you something since HP is the biggest seller of inkjet printers. I do not have the 14 cartridge and if anyone has figured out how to trick this one it would be appreciated. An ideea may be to borrow or to buy from a reffiling company 6 empty heads, ,exmark make an exchange with friends, or here, using this site I think we are getting closer. The ink would be used as a conductor to pass the voltage.

The black cartridge went empty, i refilled it and it worked for a while, but now the computer won’t recognize it. I haven’t got success with my last refills, so the X seemed a good solution for me, keeping in mind I would not have to buy more lexmark carts if I take care when refilling the carts bundled with the new ,exmark. I now have a Cannon with individual color ink cartridges that can be refilled. I refilled the 28A black cartridge and it still read as almost empty.


The problem only seems to affect lx 29, i have successfully refilled the high yileds with no problem. I’m on my last 2 carts with my Z, and I’ll trash the damn thing after that. It felt so good! The printer differentiates the cartridges by its serial number.

So much for that: Typically the printer remembers up to 2 ID numbers and on the 3rd cartridge it will disregard the 1st cartridge you inserted. Then the printer may be using some 250x of page counter to judge the ink use. Now my printer works with the refilled 29 cartridge only showing that there is no ink even though the cartridge is full. Lexmark return program inkjet cartridges are: At any rate, I took the color cartidge apart, and it was not even empty. The cartridge did not reset as full, but I am able to lexmarrk my refilled cartridge now, with no error msg’s.

I refilled both and cant get printer to recognize them. It just burns my toast that I may not be able to use it!

Ink Cartridge Colour Compatible With Lexmark X X X X X | eBay

I’m gathering an unruly mob and we are in need of more tools. And again, I can’t prove this.

In any case, it always indicates ink levels are low, even when they’re full.