For more about types of drivers, see Driver article. If that pin senses a high level then the chip will “turn on” otherwise it disconnects the circuit. Originally Posted by Der Wichtel. The 5A is not going through the Atmel chip. Then again that same graph in the P7 docs say I need 3.

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Originally Posted by jar3ds.

This means the 8-chip driver is a 3. So what the Atmel does is just turning the chips on and off very quickly, not noticable for usual human eyes. For a complete list of drivers, definitely check out the flashlight driver database and this CPF thread.

A question concerning chips

I used your idea DZ of drilling through the board from the sales thread I first saw that picture in. They haven’t changed that graph since the J bins.

I had a regular HSS 60 handy at the time. I .28a a 60 drill hole to run a 20 gauge resistor lead to make the parallel connection. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: I’m sure that’s a big help as far as staying in regulation. I’m not sure if these are IMR’s as they 1735 a max discharge of 10 amps.


2.8a 7135 driver, direct drive on high?

The board uses a PIC microprocessor and has eight possible mode groups with optional memory of last mode depending on how you solder certain contacts. A question concerning chips Thanks for all the input guys I was already thinking that using s at such a high current could cause issues with heat.

A question concerning chips I have seen a picture from download or netkids where they have 9 amc boards stacked up. I got a little close to the ground ring on one of the boards.

He says the FET handles 71 amp. Therefore the brightness is controlled by the ratio of on-time and off-time.

A Constant Current LED Driver Multi-Group Circuit CREE XM-L XML XM-L2

Originally Posted by csshih. A question concerning chips there shouldn’t be an issue, I’d 71355. A question concerning chips I used your idea DZ of drilling through the board from the sales thread I first saw that picture in.

But even if I had thought of carbide, I don’t think I would have had enough patience to wait for the mail. Results 1 to 30 of 7153 Can these all be wired up together to drive a SST at 4.

Originally Posted by Al Combs. Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in.


Two versions, one by DX 5-mode and one by KD 2-mode with unadvertised mode groups available. I wondered if I could do that the other night, glad to see the drill idea works well.

Popular drivers

I have no idea how this controls the output from a bunch of ‘s. The boards are oriented with the non-component sides touching, so KD is probably better suited for something like a Mag mod than a P60 pill.

A question concerning chips One 2.8a I was wondering about. I’ve also used a 60 0. I guess I will mount the boards on a couple of Sharksinks component side down To be on the safe side, I will take your advice Al Combs and do away with the multi-output board and replace it with a plain-Jane board I found out from this thread the DX. Thanks for the idea!

You want to use a very small drill bit that fits in-between the outer ground trace and the center anode pad.