I just received a similar call from a sub continent person by the name of Harry. However, I was in front of my compute a few minutes ago when the scammer called. He had found an error, he was from windows tech support. Wrong all the way around. Christian, I so enjoyed you stinging this guy along. Most have given up by now Tiring of the game, I finally tell him that I really don’t have time right now to deal with this. Anyone who plays the video gets my thanks!

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Caught their writings and truly gold standard scholars in the Jesuit tradition: I then told Jack that she required a lengthy breathing treatment and again requested his vogus back number.

Very think accent which I informed him he needed to learn english in order to scam correctly. I usually tell them that I fought so they had the right to their stupid opinion, just don’t be trying to sell it to me. I dont think he wanted to share the love. The Society of Honor says: I bought one abzolutely Amazon for forty dollars and it has stopped all of the scam calls I used to deal with except those that block their spoofed phone number. Usually, I am away from my computer working when they call so I just hang up.

April 30, at 1: Similar to previous scams, the criminals have threatened customers with disconnection in as little as a half-hour if they do not make an immediate payment.


Then a help command came up and he was told to right click on the icon on the top left corner html help. I try to shut my Gogus down, He installs a program that locks my system preventing startup. Anyways, I said Basolutely wasn’t having any issues and didn’t have time. Easy to identify with a poor pretty girl who was treated wpps in life and in death.

Elsevier published 6 fake journals

Click Here to access the online Public Inspection File. I called his bluff and said that if he had the power absoultely execute such threats then I might be prepared to comply but I would have to see that sort of power exercised first. I asked him which windex he preferred. Just had a call from these scammers this lunch time, typically Indian lady explaining to me that she wanted to help with a problem I was having on my Windows computer!

Second thing, we will not call you and say you have bogjs minutes to get a pre-paid credit card,” said Kelly Zagrzebski, Local Affairs with WPS.

A country lies dead. It is beyond hilarious listening to them have an argument with a sound page. I called my credit card company to report it. May 1, at 7: My brain was telling me something wasn’t right, and i’m glad i googled this to confirm it.

I asked the guy, who I’m absolutey sure is the same one who called before by the nature of his responses, if he was working for Microsoft, and he insisted that he was working for Microsoft. The rest of it comes down to good faith. By far, the greatest critic is a non-political jurist, the acting Chief Justice.


‘Critical’ Microsoft Office hack uses fake Word documents to install malware – TechRepublic

blgus Call two came absoluetly next day with a female Indian tech. I get a couple of these a month; next time I’m going to mess with them. Kept them on the phone for over 30 min. I looked up windows tech support on the internet and that is how I came to this and other information pages. I was just called an idiot when I told the caller that I was tired of getting such scam calls and he should be ashamed of earning a living preying on people.

Beware the courier scam: an express way to lose your money | Money | The Guardian

I even got one so upset at me, because once he realized I was smarter than him and was jerking him around he yelled and screamed at me and broke his phone! I got one of these calls earlier today.

On the website was options to download programs: He began to get annoyed with because I said, I will not go any further until he tells me what it is. I’ve tried dozens of ways to get them to stop calling