I read it only effects 5. The big issue I have now is, I cant find the 2 interleavepattern files in the registry and my 3d is now upside down. I have laptop with p and monitor with p. I am having audio delay issues that I think will be alleviated by going this route. I got my surround working. Im using win 7.

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I also looked in the driver DLL files to see if there was any reference to the pattern, but with my limited experience, I aer not find any. I’ve connected an optical cable from the tv to the amp and the sound plays fine in pro logic mode or stereo mode but when I play a movie in DD the amp doesn’t pick up the DD?

Nvidia 3D Vision – Huge Improvement on Passive 3DTVs (EDID Override)

Just checked Nvidia’s list of supported 3D projectors for 3D Vision and the H is the only one listed at x The monitors they are based on have a max resolution of x So, is there anything that can be done to X to make it act like older X, or will I have to return X and keep X?

Just to be sure, here are a couple of screen caps to show what I am seeing. The backlight is not very related to 3D pictures. Just something else to try. Real-time 0x Operating system You should be able to get 3D on your tv at 59 or 60hz from your computer with compatible 3D games in fullscreen p or p prior to using the EDID override.


Nvidia 3D Vision – Huge Improvement on Passive 3DTVs (EDID Override)

As you see, there is a big 3D issue with this new version of DS 2. I change the values.

This is a popular talking point from proponents of active 3D. The video card outputs 3D without the need to enable 3D mode on the TV. That level of post-processing TruMotion should be disabled when playing games anyway, as it causes noticeable input lag!

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The only bad is, thats the LCD dont switch to his special backlight. If you don’t want to bother deleting stuff. When you view other 3D content on your TV, do you notice ghosting? I think fdid got it at 40 and it was just perfect. It would be very easy for them to implement.

The first picture from a racing game with the car has ghosting or not? I generally like sitting close to large screens, but I wonder what’s the closest I can sit to a 49″ screen without seeing 3D crosstalk at the bottom and at the top of the screen?

And ALL windowed resolutions that I have encountered so far — work perfectly. Anyway, I was having colorless ghosting when in 3D mode, and while I was in 3D mode seeing the ghosting, I went to settings and lowered my sharpness edd it disappeared. If you know a solution for the ghosting effect i Will apreciate the reply.


Like, if I buy an official Acer monitor that is passive, will I still see the same ghosting, that is my major question? Let me know if you need any more information.

I am getting the HDMI 1. If your interested I found a website that allows checkerboard mode to work on all LG Passive TVs and it fixes the color bug edld.

Or any other solution on web for active tv that you may know? Ive read through many posts on the internet and someone over on another forum recommended me to come here for your expert advice or a possible solution. Overrife, the sharpness matters, I had to reduce it all to 0.

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I have laptop with p and monitor with p. It has the entire HDMI and sound extension bloc and some other things removed. I tried the provided inf and it worked for enabling passive at p, so I followed the link to generate the customized inf file and the passive mode is wonderful with no loss of features only gain! Scer your comment, I did play with the sharpness a bit more and did notice that it had a great overtide on the quality of the 3D picture.