Thanks a Lot Bro!!! Thanks for sharings this! Office Office Exchange Server. Thanks for your continued help on this issue! Do I need to install the windows vista driver first and then these drivers? This 64b driver is tremendously useful — well done!

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Very happy this was a help to you!

SCSI on Windows 10 64-bit: Adaptec AHA-2940 (29xx) Ultra, AIC-7870 (78xx), or 29320LPE Ultra 320

Let me know if adapteec get it working. My applogies for not seeing this until now. What I am thinking of trying, however, is to insert the sections from the U2. For quick and accurate response to the question, it is recommended you initial a new thread in the clustering forum to get further support.

Can anyone force windows 7 X64 to accept Adaptec AHA SCSI card?

When I download your Unsigned driver for Adaptec AHAxx cards there is only and entry inside for the 78xx scsi cards. Can you provide more detail?


Resources for IT Professionals. Find Aadptec Posts by kk4msa. Thursday, October 6, 8: The Adaptec card is listed exactly like in your screenshot above, i. Reading and writing was very good if not better than years ago.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Originally Posted by Shagbark. Windows 7 Pro 64 bit. Find Daaptec Posts by lepetomane.

Adaptev From My Forums. Can you confirm the content of the djsvs. For some reason, that driver was dropped from the in-box drivers in Windows 7.

Oh My God, you rule!!! SCSI driver for Win7 pro 64 bits.

This is a great fix, thank you very much. This is a SCSI printer? I have tried your fix above to no avail.

This I am not sure of as I have not run adapteec it. This device cannot find enough free resources that it can use. Hope it works for me also.

You best bet would be to contact VueScan to see if they could help. Tuesday, May 10, 2: The same case reported by Al.


Adaptec – AHAUW

Perhaps that could be of help as well. If the system then asks for the driver, direct it to the location of the AIC emulated driver. Not only did I have to uninstall the driver and start over, I had to remove the driver from the DriverStore folder using pnputil per the instructions at the following link:.

Thanks for prompt reply and for updating the blog. I donwloaded the driver file, changed part of one line, and the card was recognized.