With Dolby Digital Live, the 5. You must log in or register to reply here. Is there a way to make this work without buying a separate sound card? You need a Soundcard who could DDL encode because the Spdif transferrate is to low to give out undecoded material because its to big. Oct 19, 7. Then tried a clean install.. Oct 1, at 2:

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Now it works perfectly. I am too having same problem after updating to version Most motherboard manufacturers rely on either the Windows Control Panel or whatever software their audio codec supplier has come up with to serve as a user interface for enabling multichannel sound.

I recently updated to version It has been working well so far, but i’m about to upgrade my system to an i7 setup. THX u verry mutch! Jul 12, at 5: You can even ask Dolby to help you deliver the audio experience you intend.

Dolby Digital Live

I’ve just got a gigabyte z97x-gaming 7 which comes with the notorious realtek sound system and I can just see one place that gives me options for speaker setup, and the only option is headphone stereo! Have always chosen Digital out as standart device in my Windows sounds so the games only gives stereo out.


Thanks for marking this as the answer. Tech support scams are an industry-wide issue where scammers attempt to trick you into paying for unnecessary technical support services. Sep 14, Posts: It is just less problems all the way around. Dolby Voice service providers. Nice to see this finally works, I tried about a year ago with digitap drivers and had no luck with my motherboard so I ended up doly to a hdmi amp instead. Reinstalling the driver doesn’t solve the problem.

Maximus IV Extreme-Z Realtek ALCNo Dolby Digital Live Support!

Hello, I also recently updated from the actual official build to Dolby Digital Live makes it practical for developers to create game audio with 5. Before it sounded good with my Z, now the sound is phenomenal, thanks again! Sep 25, at 7: It just happened from yesterday Please fix this problem.

I had no idea you had to change to “speakers” instaid of spdif. It reproduces audio cues and effects that remain faithful to the game developer’s sound design, and it does so without introducing ljve delays between the action onscreen and the sound coming from your speakers. Intel Architecture Day.


If you report an issue, please include: So a large part of the reason to own the receiver doesn’t get used unless the input is digital. How do Dolbu get dolby digital to work in the game. Careers Working at Dolby. Dolby Digital Live makes achieving this feeling easier than ever by enabling real-time playback of game audio through a 5.

Thanks for the Great tutorial now i could play in 5.

Dolby Digital delivers up to 5. Well at least I assume DTS is working fine for you. An HDMI cable can carry both high-definition video and up to eight channels of high-definition audio front left digtial right, front center, rear left and right, side left and right, and low-frequency effects. DTS Interactive works fine.