Environmental Science and Technology, 40 Magnetic separation generally offers high efficiency and specificity when compared with equivalent centrifugation, filtration, liquid-liquid extraction, or chromatographic methods [ 1 ]. Phenomena 73 , 89 Jiang, Zhicheng , Fan, Jiajun orcid. Fast learning neural networks using Cartesian genetic programming. Volume 89 Issue 12 Dec , pp.

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MillerAndrew M. Kirkwood, JobieWilson, Julie orcid. A developmental artificial neural aalcan model for solving multiple problems. The TEM micrograph of the material obtained after calcination revealed the presence of ceria nanoparticles of 2. Self-Modifying Cartesian Genetic Programming. Blaza, James N orcid. Volume 5 Issue Aprpp.

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Statistical thermodynamics of biomolecular denaturation and gelation from the Kirkwood-Buff theory towards the understanding of tofu. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 4 5. Studies in Technology, Subsistence and Gbn. Moreover, the crystallization of ceria and other oxides occurs at high temperature and it can be a problem for uncoated magnetite nanoparticles.


Breast cancer detection using cartesian genetic programming evolved artificial neural networks.

Volume 66 Issue 12 Decpp. Volume 85 Issue 12 Decpp. Current Opinion in Pharmacology.

There is an increase of 2. Mitchell, Robertlloyd, davidvan de Water, Leon et al. MillerStephen L. Science of the Total Environment. Cartesian genetic programming encoded artificial neural networks: Volume 84 Issue 12 Decpp. Key component of the Campylobacter jejuni iron uptake system scavenges enterobactin hydrolysis product.

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A careful inspection of the rnb indicates that the morphology and size of the heat treated sample are quite similar to the as-prepared sample, with no clear damage to the material. Plant, Cell and Environment.

The silica shell provides an extra protection to the magnetic core, suppressing the oxidation process, as evidenced by the preserved magnetic properties before and after the thermal treatment. Volume 38 Issue 4 Aprpp. Magnetization as a function of applied magnetic field measured at K left and at 2 K bottom inset for alcxn black and calcined red Fe 3 O 4 SiO 2 and Fe 3 O 4 top inset. Volume 65 Issue 12 Decpp. Volume 48 Issue 4 Julpp.


Pang, XiaobingLewis, Alastair C. Volume 2 Issue Aprpp. Unsworth, William Paul orcid.

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Artola, MartaWu, Liang orcid. Earth System Science Data. The obtained solid was thermally treated at K for 2 h under static air atmosphere. Donald, James Robert orcid. Journal of Geophysical Research,