Simulation was restricted to having to have one Head rotation about Z. Alphacam R1 has been tested for compatibility with Windows 7, the next generation of the Windows operating system. Subtle changes to Part Modeler give higher quality image previews, along with commands for part manipulation including rotation around a specific point or axes, and zoom to a cursor. Flowline creates a toolpath aligned to either the U or V direction of the machining surface. Please see the Alphacam R2 Release Notes for additional, important information, including an extensive listing of all new product features, enhancements, changes, fixes as well as post processor and API enhancements.

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It is designed to offer your business enhanced productivity, exceptional reliability and additional flexibility. JavaScript is required for this content. Flowline creates a toolpath aligned a,phacam either the U or V direction of the machining surface.

Alphacam Router | The CAM system for CNC routing

This avoids exiting the material with alphaacam full width of cut, which could cause damage to brittle materials. Alphacam R2 A number of new and enhanced items in the latest release of Alphacam software provide improvements with automation, machining and feature extraction. A new checkbox called Associate for auto-update has been added to the Material dialog. Rendered clamps and fixtures can also be shown on a full machine configuration. A new field has been added to the Threading dialog called Rapid Distance above Part.

Also new in R1 is aggregate tool holders enabling users to define them with geometry extrusions and rotations, STL and solid CAD models. Standard fixtures can be created and saved within the xlphacam and inserted on to work planes when required, providing significant time savings.

The machining area pplus indicated by a transparent shaded area around the part that is automatically updated when settings are changed in the dialog. It is now possible to copy and paste styles in the layer mapping setups tree by right-clicking and selecting Copy or Paste on the menu.


Latest Alphacam release focuses on automation

With Alphacam Art, users can quickly and easily convert 2D pllus, photographs, drawings and graphic designs into unique high quality 3D carvings and designs. Tabbed Style Dialogs Tabbed style dialogs have been introduced, and all strategies have Extents visualisation of the area to be cut with dynamic cut directions and start positions.

An information message will be displayed informing you of the upgrade. A new advanced 5-axis machining module is introduced in Alphacam R1, which includes a pls set of strategies with advanced tool axis control and intelligent collision avoidance, to quickly and accurately machine surface and solid models. Material to check against can be of any shape plis clamps can now pop up and down to represent releasing and gripping of the material. HEXA Ba leading global provider of information technologies that drive quality and productivity across geospatial and industrial enterprise applications.

The company takes the time to thoroughly understand customer needs and goals. Tweet Share Share Share Share. Previous versions of Sheet Database and Automation Manager will work normally, however, after upgrading any changes made in the old version will not be reflected in new versions plks vice-versa.

Holes are matched to the drill diameters and automatically machined; multiple drills are selected at the same time when alhpacam standard 32mm pitch is matched. This means that small parts can be restricted to the area of maximum hold down e. Sawing Sawing has been enhanced by controlling how the foul avoidance is applied.

Automatic exclusion of flat areas on parts allowing for flat rather than ball ended cutters to be used. Utilizing Machining Styles greatly increases productivity by decreasing the time to generate tool paths. The offcut will be created under the correct sheet, matching the material and thickness, which can be viewed as Attributes on the sheet.


Misc by Antuan Goodwin Apr 25, Apertures within parts can also now be avoided to stop small parts within them moving, for example. Electrified Specialized Turbo makes cycling as easy as driving hands-on Would you give up driving for a sexy, alphafam bicycle? Each tab relates to a type of activity, such as creating geometry, or machining.

In R1 they can now split the roll to the required dimensions for a specific machine bed. A sinusoidal or zig-zag up and down movement can be applied to any contour tool zlphacam, utilizing more of the effective cutting length of the tool used.


This eliminates the time consuming process of manual ordering as well as reduces the rapid travel distances, resulting in faster machining time. Some machining dialogs now have a new tab containing specific options for either 2D or 3D lead-in and lead-out paths, and there is also an option alphacqm save and open user-configured lead settings in addition to the defaults.

Alphacam also offers you the latest front end CAD part modelling facilities via our solid modeller. Automation Manager includes enhancements to simplify the workflow, including Multi-drill control, new Styles functionality, and further support for additional CAD file formats.