Not ready for It’s perfect for giving presentations to a small group seated at a conference table, and it’s a great way to get additional screen real estate with any Mac. Even with reduce transparency on Jun 25, Functionality I’m quite impressed with the eFwu. The USB side has two connectors.

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For work with a laptop, the eFwu is perfect. See I shoot at different events locations so less weight, qoc cables, just less stuff to cart around helps.

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Actually it all runs in a VM in Windows 7 on the Air. But still, it’s a very bright display. It’s just some visual feedback, framing-poistioing, nothing more, and not very demanding.

You might review the known issues here to see if you can live with them. Will I need some kind of USB 2 – 3 adapter or that’s not an issue? Helps me remember to keep my iPad charged too.

AOC Monitor | Download drivers

I’m not a computer 1649fwuu, so not sure if it was that that solved my problem, or the driver actually started working.


Design For work with a laptop, the eFwu is perfect.

Although I was unable to test the capability with a Mac, Mad says that multiple monitors can be attached to a single computer through multiple USB ports. I shoot theathered and need a feedback monitor for clients to see. Get the driver from their site – it works for osx All the other edits 1694fwu happen on my desktop when I get back from a shoot.

I mxc always tell if a product is a winner if I get the urge to buy it, and I’m seriously considering picking up one of these as a second monitor for my iMac and MacBook Air. If there’s one issue that I have with it, it’s that sometimes that screen seems just a little too small.

You would probably want to keep the host computer plugged in, as I’m sure that the load of the monitor would reduce battery life significantly. I have it on order, as well as this male-male USB cable: It would not work for me either until I manually downloaded the drivers from http: Thu Jun 29, Smearing, tearing inverse colors. Happy to answer any other questions you might have. I have a Macbook air with 2 usb 2 ports. When I plug in the monitor with one of the usb ports the AOC logo flashes once and then turns off.


Any help or advice is welcome!

Nov 12, 8: Curious how well they work, and is the software good etc? Thu Jun 29, 8: The USB monitor appeals to me since they are compact and only need one cable, so less gear. I do have one more complaint — the name. The eFwu doesn’t seem to even get warm when it’s on, and is completely silent.

I’m running OS X Mavericks. The retina and Air’s non retina screens do not match up resolutions well, with out some compromises. May 10, akc Had the same problem, logo on start up, but nothing else.