Tried to connect to Pi3. The devices come with Labview drivers. I would like to control them through labview and apt software, through activex. The log will help us figure out what’s going on. Run Putty, yeah, connected using new IP address. This vi differs because it collects data over an extended period of time, then saves all data to a. It arrives as a zip file.

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Thorlabs apt software labview vi

Second, there is a log that the Target Configuration Wizard generates after a failure. This tends to show up in the following ways, and the fuzzy division of timing generally labvifw as follows:.

Regarding the maximum scan rate this depends on the labvew of the piezo element and the maximum output current of the piezo driver. Chapter 6 getting started building a vi with apt the getting started window.

Learning to write even decent requirements takes a fair amount of effort. Run Putty, yeah, connected using new IP address. Difficult getting older with granfdaughters who know everything. I was afraid I would lose everything. That would still be a useful thing to post to help us figure out the issue. Max with a stepper motor, thumbscrew, and differential actuator attached to the x, y, and z axes, respectively. The kinesis software features an intuitive graphical user interface gui that allows the unit to be controlled completely via a pc.


Remote Structural Health Monitoring. This afternoon, took 32 gig micro SD card from my Kindle.

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Specifically, the apt activex do not seem to be registered or at least i am not able to see them with the matlab command actxcontrollist. Let us know if you have further questions. With headless controllers running for months at a time, it is very hard to diagnose issues, so having a robust log of both errors and events can help you reconstruct issues to support bug fixes.

To ensure singlethreaded access to the apt software, the vi must run in the user interface thread. Went and found PuTTY and tryd using it. Download thorlabs osa20x, a labview usb dll with wrapper instrument driver for a optical spectrum analyzers from thorlab, models.

This can be downloaded from the thorlabs website if you dont have the original cd. I have contacted you directly with an example of a 2d piezo raster scan labview. Every qsi scientific camera is accompanied by a collection of software applications and tools that allow you to begin imaging immediately using microsoft windows or linux platforms.

Facebook Twitter Linkedin Reddit. I then downloaded raspian-jessie.


Activex control of apt thorlabs positioning stages file. Went to Makerhub and downloaded, linx3. Place the micro SD card into the new Pi2.

For example, i am using the moveabsolute method, but i dont know what does the bwait parameter imply, at the input and output of the labvieew. Improving the Uptime of Industrial Equipment.

We first tested the motors using the APT User program. A comprehensive guide to using labview with apt can be downloaded here.

Monitor key metrics memory, CPU, disk space, etc. Another example is the tab control. Download angry ip scanner.

LabVIEW Industrial Automation Guide

In labview, you build a user interface, known as a front panel, with a set of tools and objects and then add code using graphical representations of functions to control the front labvjew objects.

So I did the simplest thing I could imagine and attached it all to a piece of plywood and twist-tie the wires together in a neat manner. Wonderful, go to configuration and I do get the linx dialog box.