The installation procedure on Windows XP is completed with the above operation. Please note the following during initial installation and whenever the machine is moved. Note for the key input check mode. A photo coupler PC is employed to insulate between the primary side and the secondary side to feed back the control signal to the primary side. The exposure level used in automatic exposure adjustment can also be changed. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without prior written permission of the publisher.

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The paper is outside of the specified size and weight range.

AR M AR Eb7 – Sharp

Intermittent frame unit Assembly: After 30 sec of transfer charger output, the machine goes into the sub code entry standby mode. The indicator of the selected paper size lights up. During operation, the LED on the display section corresponding to the selected magnification ratio lights up, and the magnification ratio is displayed on the 7-seg display.

Problem Poor scanning quality. Check the copy lamp light quantity SIM and lighting.

Download and install SHARP SHARP AR-M EB – driver id

Removal and storage of fixing screw. Loader function transfer 3. When the [Interrupt] key sdanner pressed, the machine goes to the sub code input standby mode. For mode selection, use the density select key.


If you are unable to solve the problem using the troubleshooting guide, scaner off the power switch and unplug the machine, and contact your SHARP service center. Program name Program No Description Default Parameters Use close paper size 30 When this function is enabled, printing in printer mode will automatically continue using a different size of paper if the specified size of paper runs out in all trays.

Main code Sub code Contents Details of operation 3 key: When the [Interrupt] key is pressed at that time, the machine goes into the sub code input standby mode. Page ar-m1600/ar-eb7 Toner cartridge Paper empty sensor M. Check that the DV seal is free from developing agent.

Replace the developing unit. A3 or WLT depends on the destination. Loading the paper tray Gently lift and pull out the paper tray until it stops. Refer to fig 4. After completion of the process, the machine goes into the sub code input standby mode. Slide the fusing cover to the front and remove the screw, then remove the heater lamp. Set the original s face up in the document feeder tray.


Also when a print command is sent from the host, printing is performed. Page 11 Parallel port Connect to your computer to use the printer function. Divided by solid lines, Selectable by the user program. Notice Page Printed See the user program “Memory allocated to printer mode”.

Service Manual SHARP AR -M160_M205_M206_M207 SME

In “Auditing mode”, the display shows “- – -“, and this indicates that a 3-digit account number must be entered in order to use the machine for copying.

After completion of warm-up, shading is performed and the currently set off center adjustment value of each paper feed port is displayed. Leave the ar-m160/ar-ebb7 at room temperature for ar–m160/ar-eb7 least 2 hours before use. Many problems can be easily resolved by the user. Boot the maintenance program. This driver was not digitally signed.

Since lead-free solder includes a greater quantity of tin, the iron tip may corrode easily.

Changing the copy paper size in the tray.