Teenager Fregis jumped out of the van and made a run for it, but got out of breath after little more than a two minute dash. She drove him to a shopping area, where he left her for five minutes. Instead, he had landed in the long arms of the law and I was facing jail! The FBI cleared Blanca of car theft charges. She later found out that she had taken the robbers’ getaway vehicle! I consider them quite stupid.

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Unfortunately getwaay got complicated as Smith, 18, has no arms below his elbows and his gang members had to help change gears. By Robin O’Lachlan on.

He was caught by cops, just three minutes after his accomplices, by the side of the road after he tripped over the white forensic-style suit he had worn during the raid as he tried to wrestle it off his feet, making it an easy collar for officers.

The man had bandages on his legs, and his right leg was held out straight during the robbery. But what she didn’t know was, she’d just stolen the suspects’ getaway car — which, police said, the suspects had stolen from someone else.

Rule 1 – Make sure your getaway car is big enough to carry your stolen goods. Officials said the driver was not hurt. Here are five examples that boggle the mind in how terribly they went…. After hearing burglars break into his house, Rosario, from the safety of his own basement, decided to sneak outside while the burglars were still inside, steal their van and then, presumably just to gloat, call up just so he can manically laugh about how he just screwed over a pair of robbers.


8 Of the Worst Robbery Getaways

So he walked up to the driver and punched him in the face. After what was described as “a short chase,” police overtook Jakab, arresting him and confiscating the cart. The five security men who were guarding the van are now being questioned by police who believe it to be an inside job.

Teenager Armles jumped out of the van and made a run for it, but got out of breath after little more than a two minute dash.

This would make a arnless good mission scenario for the next “Grand Theft Auto” game. Police challenged Jakab as he crossed Romania’s northern border. We can only imagine what was going through their heads when they planned this:.

Miss Gibbs was astonished to find police accusing him of robbing a betting shop at knife point, and her of being his accomplice. She was forced to spend a night in a cell before police accepted her story and she was freed. Neil Murray and his accomplices were quickly arrested and sentenced to 5 years in prison; presumably the same amount of time it would have taken Murray to drive his gang back to their safe house.

Two not-quite-escaped convicts run away from the police, and possibly from the rest of the three stooges set, only to try running along separate sides of a poll while handcuffed together. Deputies said Hodges then stole a geetaway cart from a nudist community near the Lowes store. By that time, deputies were already at the scene to make the arrest. So it seemed logical that they leave their van outside with the keys in atmless ignition just in case they needed to make a speedy getaway.


A Houston woman, identified only as Blanca, was cashing a check at the Chase bank in Uvalde, Texas, when armed bank robbers stormed in.

She drove him to a shopping area, where he left her for five minutes.

Skip to content Got an Odd Story? The van was later recovered with half of the money still left inside. Unlike most robbery victims, Rosoria spent his ordeal laughing and hi-fiving police officers. Minton has now been jailed for four and a half years. Jones and Nightingale were arrested admless two minutes after the raid. First, he tried to run across Pleasant Hill Road, and a white pickup truck was blocking his way.

Get in car, gun it, Mexico, armlezs, girls, sex, money, and all in that order.

8 Of the Worst Robbery Getaways – Oddee

A bank robber in California chose an innovative getaway vehicle — an electric wheelchair. Just getway he was trying to coax her into the house, the police arrived and they were both arrested.

A mother-of-two had a “first date from hell” after she was duped into becoming the getaway driver for a thief she met on Facebook.