Sometimes it works and I can see my two hd, other times I have to reboot, go into bios make no changes , exit and it works again. Are you using a 8. Still some people report that they got it working, I’m trying to figure out what they do different. I followed the instruction in the post about p5q mobos, with chamaleon v2 rc1 and nvidia drivers. Here’s what you need. Also check all handlers each timer interrupt. I’ve spent more then 25 hours on the issue, without success so far.

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I hope everyone who has this board working is right Maybe others have done it, but it took me a while and even then I had issues.

BIOS update did not change anything, either. Solved all problems with some fidling around and the Atheros ethernet driver was found with Google. Any update with this for eSATA 64bit? Windows 7 Forums is an independent web site and has not been authorized, sponsored, or otherwise mmarvell by Microsoft Corporation. ALSA can only be used by one application simultaneously, which is really annoying! I have tried and failed to use marvell methods to change my xp to ahci without reinstalling and I have been unsucessful.


Here is a tutorial that I used: Email Required, but never shown.

Youre not alone with problems with this controller. I also have a newb-type question for the board: If you are going for raid I would look for a different board.

I consider that pretty damn good. Welcome to Windows 7 Forums. Posted November 23, It seems like a real grey area to me – as if some people may have had success, but a lot of people on the net are just asking for updates like me.

Apparently he got it solved. After you can very easy install ubuntu. Network to workprepare from windowsxp- download the driver with manual howto, assu that’s it. I’m currently running 8.

Marvell 61XX 64bit sata driver don’t work (Asus P5Q) – Windows 7 Help Forums

Just got a P5QC everything except audio working out of the box. Posted November 13, And thanks to nicbul for listing all the solutions in one place. Posted October 8, It’s been working well with the Intel drivers The restoration process needs to be done from an OS, so I want asud install Windows onto a drive or two ass to the Marvell controller. I’m afraid it may be the EVMS It appears that there are potentially only three issues with the board: Sound and Atheros worked without drivers on 8.


ASUS P5Q Deluxe Review :: ASUS P5Q Deluxe Layout

Still some people report that they got it working, I’m trying to figure out what they do different. Compiling a backport is not recommended, as it is quite complicated – the binary marvelll for Intrepid should work fine. Posted October 5, I just ordered a P5Q-E Just set it in the bios. I don’t know what the first option does, however; has anyone tried using just the second?