Click to find out more. Regular, [15] Pro [16]. Archived copy as title. December 2, February 25, Europe. Some variants of the All-in-Wonder included FM radio tuning as well.

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ATI All-In-Wonder 9000 PRO

Retrieved from ” https: By reading this site you agree to our cookie policy. It was introduced on November 11, Some variants of the All-in-Wonder included FM radio tuning as well. Each of the All-in-Wonder Radeon cards is based on a Radeon chipset with extra features incorporated onto the board.

By qti this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Views Read Edit View history. Video cards ATI Technologies products. Current technologies and software.


XT, [17] Pro, [18] Regular [19]. Later products also comes with a Remote Wonder remote control and a USB RF receiver to receive radio frequency signals from the remote. Archived from the original on Click to find out more. September 30, February 25, Europe, Pro variant.


Archived copy as title. The All-in-Wonder line debuted with the Rage chipset series.

ATI All-In-Wonder PRO |

Regular, [22] MB, DV [23]. While the industry stood still in awe of the Radeon pro and its substantial performance increase and technical achievements, ATI’s second update to the Radeon series went somewhat unnoticed. Currently, the only operating systems fully supporting TV capture with these cards are Microsoft Windows XP,98, and The cards use a variety of specialised ports along the side to provide output to televisions, with the retail version provided with composite ports and the ability to output to component.

Regular, [15] Pro [16].

This is our first review of an ATI All-In-Wonder Product, and also our first review of a card based upon the Radeon Pro Technology, so with this article, we’ll not only focus on the multimedia aspects of the card, but also the technical aspects, to provide a 9000 explanation of the card itself, and the platform for which it plays host.


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aie This page was last edited on 15 Novemberat What was the best tech product of ? December 2, February 25, Europe.

It’s been a very interesting year for 3D Graphics, and in retrospect we’ve seen what can only be described as landmark events occur within the industry. Later revisions of the hardware based on the R Core improved upon the previous iterations yet again, and with the exception of the AIW Radeon DV, the cards were no longer under clocked, and provided identical performance in games and afi applications to their siblings, giving the user access to all the multimedia hardware features, yet not forcing the compromise of performance.