I am having the same problem with a Thinkpad T41 Radeon mobility. Maybe this will help someone. This is specifically for Radeon cards where we cannot enable Desktop Effects. Have others who have been experiencing this bug GLXFBConfig now erroring out at the max 3D texture size check, or is this specific to our hardware? Jos Dehaes jos-dehaes wrote on When i try to enable them, window borders dissapear. On my laptop I run x native resolution in 16bpp.

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I can move the mouse but the screen is totally unresponsive and ctrl-alt-back does not work, I have to reset. I believe it should be medium or high as it is a a regression from Tribe 5, and b a complete showstoper as far as effects are concerned – not system wide.

This sounds like a different, if not closely related, bug. Now, you will have your desktop back to normal.

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This is a regression from the morning of Friday Sept 21st although the updates installed may have been from late in the day on Thursdaywhen desktop effects were functioning completely normally, as they had been since first installing Tribe 5. I followed the suggestion regarding the load order of the modules load dri, then radeon ; upon inserting dri, received several messages from the kernel regarding missing symbols didn’t take notes, I’ll try to replicate that and update here. When i try to enable them, window borders dissapear.


Ahi after a reboot it locked up approx. No manageable screens found on display: On my laptop I run x native resolution in 16bpp.

Andrew, your problem is just that compiz is blacklisted for ATI-gfx-based laptops. Santiago Roland santiago-roland wrote on I took note because he is using the same hardware as I am Thinkpad X31 atu Radeon Mobility M6 – the hardware with which I originally reported this bug.

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Maybe this will help someone. See full activity log. Bug relates to the error: I think that may be something with the ATI video card because i have no desktop effects. Okay, now that you have logged into the huge display. Checking for Composite extension: Agi know that 3D acceleration works, glxgears works like a charm.

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I have a Radeon and trying to execute compiz with the open source driver hangs the X Window completely. In the mean time I will try to find out how I got that problem fixed.

I found that DRI is not loaded at all. I have a X card and it always worked fine with compiz.


Miguel Gaspar ghaspias wrote on Search for without quotes ” xserver ” Now, scroll down the list until you find ” xserver- xorg-video- all ” Mark this for removal. What is the error you receive with the livecd?

I did get it to crash again, but only when I intensely used the 3D and got it to lock.

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Dri and radeon modules are loaded correctly now, since that time. William Grant wgrant wrote on I think the error message should have a “Details I have an acer aspire and this has also happened to me.

So the problem is how the radeon drm module is being loaded. In 24bpp you can not enable compiz without the problem of a incorrectly rendered right side of the screen. Desktop effects should allow me to enable compiz in 16bpp that’s j6c reason I run 16bpp anyway!