Averatec left-side view of ports view larger image Under the hood, there is an attractive dark gray keyboard with white letters for the main keys, blue for the alternate keys. Finally, a DVD burner would be a nice perk. There is a switch just above the keyboard which turns it on or off, to save battery life. The keyboard is a condensed version of a normal keyboard. This laptop should be able to last 3 hours with Wi-Fi off and lowest brightness. Another disadvantage was that I could not physically examine this laptop, since no retail chain near me carried it.

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The wireless capability of the is of the The lid and bottom of the notebook is made of metal while the laotop is composed of hard plastic. The arrows printed on the bottom and right of the pad act as scroll wheels, and work rather well which surprised me. Opening the lid requires a bit of heft, and is steadily held in place when you let go of it, no matter what angle you release it. The back contains the battery, Ethernet, and modem jack. This is excellent design, unless you prefer the cable-less look to the annoyance of having to flip around or lean over your machine to plug something into it.


Averatec resting on top of an Asus Z96j 15″ screen notebook view large image.

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The dollar store is America’s new invasive species. There is a switch just above the keyboard which turns it on or off, to save battery life. Preowned unable to test it no charger for it This might be in working condition.

For more details on any of these topics and a lot more consult the excellent forums at averatecforums. In a word, no. This is awesome for parts only or for someone that can and are able to work on it.

With the integrated nVidia graphics, the is no gaming machine as evident through the 3DMark05 score of In fact, they are far louder than the speakers on my Asus z96j.

The Averatec series notebook having 3.

Daily and Weekly newsletters available. There is no easy way to get to it without disassembling the entire machine.

Engadget and tipster Elizabeth. The fan turns on and off at the high and low temperatures as listed above.

Averatec Model Laptop. The hard drive typically stays at 42 degrees Celsius.

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Another cool upgrade is to add a DVD burner. The Screen When first powering up, the first I noticed was a bright green dot in the upper left corner of the screen! Finally, a nice software program comes with the laptop to configure the pad in just about every way imaginable. Chassis parts and screen are in good conditi Averatec left-side view of ports view larger image.


Touchpad This feature is well-implemented and works great.

Averatec on top of Asus Z96j notebook view large image. As a result, the build quality of the defied my prejudice against the Averatec brand.

When charging the battery, the green battery light blinks until it is almost fully charged—then it just stays on. These are full featured notebooks that are packed into small portable package.

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Since you are sharing video and system RAM, how you set this will affect performance. Like all other mainstream PC brands, no physical recovery disks are provided. For example, this model supports up to laptkp of RAM.