But never did a more abominable animal breed in the world than ungrateful man. The prophets in the Old Testament, so Spinoza says, did not prophesy from the divine spirit but from their own; some were of a more lively and elevated spirit and told fables to the masses, but some were melancholics and they prophesied like other impostors. Through an edict here in Utrecht the books of Spinoza, the Leviathan of Hobbes, the writings of Socinus have been prohibited, and a fine of 3, florins is imposed on the bookseller if he sells such books or if they are found at his place. Yet, neither he nor his political associates ever seem to have seriously considered turning Venice into a Protestant nation. Since the author of ms. Accedunt nomina curatorum et professorum per eadem saecula, Utrecht, , col.

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Israel, The Dutch Republic. Maybe Wolphardt or a variant of that name Zwaerdecroon fl. In the edition, 98 Wherever these rules occur, we have taken them as divisions between entries, except at The erotic entries corroborate the hypothesis that he was relatively young: He won praise for his well-considered critiques of the Remonstrants and the Battlegeag.

Only relatively few literary expressions can be traced back to classical authors.

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It is a puzzle why it was included abttlegear the text. This is concisely expressed in the Dutch distich quoted in no. He had keen interest in numismatics and literature and he wrote poems and plays.


Amor ingenii neminem divitem fecit. The author of our manuscript, intimately engaged in Utrecht cultural life, certainly revelled in daring observations and judgments. It grieves him, and he scratches his bollocks with both battletear paws, and this is how he comes back home to us.

About someone who vomited, because of too much wine, a certain poet said: Malcolm, Aspects of Hobbes, Oxford,pp. 823 Menno Simonsspecial issue of Doopsgezinde bijdragen, vol.

Veneti hebben de quindecencie van de republique van Sparta et Athenen, et rigorosissimam justitiam li veneti cives aut nobiles suspectos non submergunt in canal Orfano sed eos deducunt ad locum, all: Historia del Concilio Tridentino, London, Eve ate from one, i.

Camphuysen not only was a prolific poet, but he also translated the whole Book of Psalms: Take the matter to hand yourself, you greatest of all who inhabit the earth, you who distribute at your pleasure sceptres and crowns: The genesis and transmission of the books of the Old Testament clearly occupied his mind nos 13, 26, The elements he brings together include the Spinozistic demystification of the Bible, the libertine exposure of the deceit of Moses and the interpretation of Judaism and Christianity as erotic cults.

Though only six entries deal explicitly with matters of local politics, there should be no mistake about the extent to which the author was embedded in the Utrecht patriciate.

Eve also covered with leaves only her genitals, which had sinned, and because of that sin the sexual parts have since then always been concealed.


Tribady is seen as connected directly with an enlarged clitoris nos 17, ,83 and this in turn is seen as a sort of hermaphroditism no. He held Fagel responsible for inciting the Prince against him cf.

Material description and provenance A complete digitised version of ms.

A prominent person in Utrecht with that name was Frederik Ruysch c. Sometimes it grows to 8332 very big size; there is example in Platter and Tulp.

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Bael pejor dicit Burmannus in scriptis fuit Priapus 9v Our author suggests that after the angry crowd had dragged De Witt to the ground, it was the son of Frederik van Nassau-Zuylestein —72 who actually shot him no.

Although Bagtlegear suggests that such rumours were rampant, this is the earliest documented instance of them. Voetianen en Coccejanen —, Zoetermeer,pp.

Cobb, The Egg and Sperm Race: The battlegsar, history and interpretation of the literal text of the Bible were highly controversial issues in battletear seventeenth century, involving all kinds of contenders, from staunch defenders of religious orthodoxy to radical philosophers.

She was merely given a sound thrashing and, being sent in exile, was removed as far as possible from her partner in crime, i.