The reason Megasquirt will be use I put another post on trying to do some sort of electronic controlled Magneto system but that does not look like it will work, and with odd fire motor even 2 regular magnetos can only run 1 plug at a time unless split with 2 coils and I think that is more of a compromise. What is the spark gap width? Board index All times are UTC. So even though such a device may have a “logic-level gate”, it’s possible it won’t work well when driven directly from a logic output like the BIP will. I also removed the resistor R1. Will test and report back. Thanks for all this information.

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Yes there will be a leakage current, its a trilington after all Darlington but more sobut it won’t matter a jot driving an ignition coil of several ohms. I bought them a long time bbip373 and I can’t remember where exactly. I just don’t want to buy something that bksch not work I removed the input resistor. Also I prefer a complete meltdown as apposed to an auto shutdown and re start, that could be bad. The BIP’s are sometimes hard to find, try Diyautotune. Thanks for the answer.

Thanks for all this information. They can make over hp from 2 cylinders. With your setup you would actually be beyond that for the duration of the dwell time which might be too long for reliable operation. Do you have any idea? Ibp373 a 1k gate resistor, they can be connected directly to the CPU pins.


Need help to drive an ignition coil with a VB

For electronic control you are going to need something like an inverter welding or bipp373 cut power supply in between.

You can lookup the breakdown voltage in dry air to see what the secondary voltage will peak at. I know that jacking up the primary voltage will help with the output but the current also goes up as well.

So try with the coil now and double check your connections before power-up. We boscg a high pressure test bench to try many digfferent coil combos and set ups. It was developed by Bosh expressly for this purpose.

The only coli I can see are 1 it doesn’t have built-in thermal protection and 2 being an IGBT you have to deal with gate charge. I can recommend some proven solutions but I would not feel confident in recommending something for such a high performance and unique setup.

MarkT Brattain Member Posts: With yours being rated boech more than double the current I would think I could double up the voltage on a heavy duty coil and actually drive at least 25 amps through it.

Don’t put the 12V from the ignition circuit into Vin, its probably going to fry your Arduino. Are these drivers components you can sell with your board?


So I wouldn’t say they are better but simply a different option if you know what you’re doing.

If the bksch is 1: A better BIP ignition driver? Will test and report back. The reason IGBT’s are preferred over MOSFETs for high voltage is that there is less internal feedback from drain collector to gate in an IGBT so the high voltage swings have much less chance of over-voltaging the gate and damaging the gate oxide layer. I have never tried them with MS though.

The drivers never even get warm I hope you didn’t buy the VB’s from a dodgy eBay supplier? Some teams actually use the old Dyna 3 ohm coil and a basic trigger and they have set some of the fastest times.

Bosch BIP373 Coil Driver Mod Kit

And I would definitely not put these anywhere near the ECU to help reduce the risk of noise being an issue so you’d need to bozch the board and components in their own case. I have to say that I’m not an expert on ignition.

Again ‘s of devices are available, parametric web search tools are available. Board index All times are UTC.