Aug 25, Rating Worthless by: Every fifteen days it’s done. Anonymous I’ve been there like 2 years and 6 months before the 5GB cap. Granted they did give me a free month or two of service. Aug 11, Rating Virgin Mobile Sucks by: They don’t say to what speed it will be reduced, but expect really poor dial-up like speeds.

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Apr 19, Rating Have you heard this one?

Windows 8.1 vs Virgin Mobile Broadband2go u600

I still can’t get the USB stick broadbanx2go work on my computer to get internet access. I did go to Sprints homepage and found a email address for reporting abuse. May 20, Rating virgin mobile hit and miss by: Peak hours are 8am to 10pm and even later on the week end.

Steve I’m having problems when I try to install the software on windows 7 I get an error message and it quits installing. I called Tech Support and asked where the other Mb went I never drop calls. They say it’s because Broadbandd2go have more devices on it, however, we haven’t added anything, I don’t stream anything, I don’t watch any videos or movie because they are too slow anyway.


Virgin Mobile USA partners with Walmart for Broadband2Go offer, $20 a month for 1GB

I had this broadband installed on my Windows 7 laptop with no trouble back in Widnows, and I loved it. I will take care of the problem by returning the BB2Go unit for a refund, as I do not have much confidence that Virgin will be capable willing?

Why is the download disabled?? Here’s where you can find it: And he got the problem fixed, so now the wifi is working perfect. Error installing windows 8. At least they don’t throttle you; they just tend to have really poor service that runs faster than this garbage.

I think it is simply “dead” at this point, and I’m going to try to get my “top up” money back – I made that mistake 3 days ago, thinking I just needed to buy time – and here I am, one email and 2 tech calls later, and still haven’t gotten to use it. Oct 02, Rating Terrible! There really should be a class-action lawsuit against them to compensate for the lost opportunity costs of their strategically manipulated operations dishonestly represented.

Don’t buy the Windows 8 upgrade, waste of time and money. The first month I had it I had no real qualms with it. I don’t even want to think about it!! I cannot get onto any other page than the set up wizard.


I’ve never seen that in my life! Boy was I wrong!!!! They offer some great value plans; I have one myself. Branson would be windpws to fix his present business items before he wastes more money on going up in a balloon.

They are a ripoff, and you get bad Internet. They give all kinds of excuses for this data loss. PrepaidWirelessGuy Your experience is very odd.

Windows 8 and Franklin U600 USB modem driver fail

boradband2go Do I need to buy new hardware as well? I asked him what are the hrs for your offices he told me until 10pm pst. Prepaid Wireless Broadband Plans. If you still can’t connect to the Internet after step Or maybe it’s totally something else. Slowly but surely Virgin was now bought out and controlled by Sprint and my connection went crap.