My point is, you kind of have to tinker around with your setup a little bit to learn how to hit this club the best way. Had a dull sound to me and high ball flight. I went to a launch monitor for a fitting and this is what we ended up deciding on. I play to a 12, but down from 15 last year, so I’m improving. This combination of technologies makes the X the longest all-titanium driver Callaway Golf has ever made.

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Expert editorial reviews, breaking golf tour and industry news, what to play, how to play and where to play. I am not too sure about length, yes I am 80 yards longer than most, but still shorter than my Mizuno World Cup Persimmon. My original driver was the Big Bertha Then I held it up to my caploway year old Burner Plus steel shaft and 40 year old MacGregor Tourney persimmons and wondered how I ever hit those.

It is a great buy.

I would highly recommend this club to anyone of any ability. The FT-3 was very straight to slightly left on all solid hits I thought that the X tour might be marginally longer and marginally flatter than the FT-3 tour. So in my conclusion, X is not easy to use.

I’ve got the xx 3 wood and hybrid.

Technology With the exception of composite technology in the C4 and Fusion drivers, Callaway has always stuck with tried and true technologies like: I would switch back to my FT-3 during a round or calllway different days to double-check my swing, and drives were straight.


Its a very straight club but its seems like my distance was lacking and my ball just kind of floated with a soft landing.

Callaway X Driver Review | Equipment Reviews | Today’s Golfer

Posted 05 June – Interesting and a little concerning is that it didn’t seem cal,oway pick up callowway consistant yardage over the GBBII when I hit them back to back but I think that’s a result of comfort levels. That’s probably why I don’t really care for the GI drivers so much.

Given the opportunity I would recommend that you get fit for your driver, with so many shafts out on the market and those available from Callaway the right loft and shaft combination are key.

Technology Calpoway the exception of composite technology in the C4 and Fusion drivers, Callaway has always stuck with tried and true technologies like:. The Tour model is available in lofts of 8.

The shaft is a 60g Fujikura mid kick regular flex graphite with a Winn grip in very good condition. I am coming off of a 15 year layoff from golf. GolfWRX – the world’s largest and best online golf community.

Callaway X – Previous Model Year Reviews – GolfWRX

Also I found the distance to be inconsistent even with similar hits when I was right on the sweetspot Callowqy used contact tape to see where I was making contact. Most of my tee shots were either topped or low line drives. Amazing consistency, Sound and more length than an r5 dual a must buy in my eyes 1 out of 5 tut tut 08 February By Anonymous not as good as the FT-3 and to expensive 4 out of 5 X 05 February By Anonymous Decided to upgrade the Driver that came with my set.


Second gripe is the cheesy headcover. When I use Taylermade drivers, they work well.

Callaway X460 Graphite Driver

When I put the ball back to a normal tee height on standard tees, voila, great shots down the middle. When I read 406 they were doing with the X I was very excited and thought they had nailed it once again. My average drive with this driver so far is yards.

Moving weight has been quite the buzz in drivers these past few years. Posted 01 May – We take actual images of the item you are buying!

The headcover is the same shape and quality as the FT-3 and drivers. Just got back from the clloway after hitting the X Tour 8. The ball always seems to hit the ground “ticked off” and roll out another yards more than expected.

Posted 19 August – Ultra-High-Tech Manufacturing Process The titanium face is robotically plasma-welded to 4660 body, ensuring that the face thickness is controlled to a very tight tolerance for consistent performance.