July edited July in OpenSesame. July edited July The way to define the allowed responses is by typing. But I first have to take care of the world I know. This would typically be done at the time a stimulus event occurs. The way to define the allowed responses is by typing 1;3 in the field labelled ‘Allowed responses’.

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Categories Recent Discussions Activity. What is the correct syntax for this I have set the allowed keys to “1;5” on the SR box so, ideally, I would like to limit the duration keypress to those buttons. Of course many other patterns are possible, if the subject is pressing more than one button simultaneously. Lotje van der Linden – http: If the allowed responses are important, you could probably ask for a Python code snippet to communicate with the Cedrus box on their support forum.

The use of time stamped button responses means that your application does not have to check the serial port so often to get accurate response timing. For example in Matlab use the bitget function to test if a specific button was pressed:. Because this protocol sends this stream of characters, it should be used only with the E-Prime software.

I actually came across this through your post on the Cedrus forum But I can also understand if you don’t want to invest too much time in getting the Cedrus box to work, of course.


In E-Prime mode, the response box sends a continuous stream of characters at characters per second. Bits 5,6,7 indicate which button was pressed. Also, it would be strange if OpenSesame recognizes the button presses, but doesn’t respect the allowed responses list. Hi Frouke, Although we have no experience respomse collecting responses using a joystick or gamepad ourselves, other OpenSesame users have successfully implemented this.

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Is this what you have done? Set both switches for the desired protocol, then press the Reset switch briefly. In the E-Prime Device Properties page you can indicate whether Presses only, Releases only or Presses and Releases should be returned to your paradigm script. Is it supported by opensesame? Please see the following topic:.

Example Matlab script using XID mode written here.

For me setting the allowed responses works as expected. In this mode, the button box generates a single character for ANY change in button state – both button presses and button releases generate a character. There’s much bigger issues in the world, I know.


When a button is pressed a 6 character response is send through the serial port. Reeponse has a Cedrus RB board inside for processing response button presses.


Could OpenSesame collect the responses without the E-Prime? Thanks and best wishes, Merle.

Cedrus Response Pad RB-740

Is compatibility with OpenSesame the only reason that want to buy the SR Box which is kind of expensive? I’d imagine so, but I don’t have one to test. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! On a laptop it will generally be the next free COM number.

Hi Sebastian, here the settings for my experiment: Second, there have been problems with the SR box plug-in in the past, so please make sure that you’re running the stable 0. Also, note that Matlab numbers bits from 1, whereas programming convention numbers from 0, as shown in the tables above.

July edited July But I first have to take care of the world I know. Although we have no experience in collecting responses using a joystick resppnse gamepad ourselves, other OpenSesame users have successfully implemented this. In programmed scripts, it’s best to use bit tests to determine if any button has been pressed.