Answer yes to the prompt that comes up. Kinda funny, that’s apparently a relatively early VGA clone chipset yet the machine itself dates to ’96 or so Also check the BIOS settings. Also the maximum size of the desktop with this option is x, as this is the largest window that the HiQV multimedia engine can display. Great proofreading, Asiliant, you goddamn wankers.

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XFree86 releases later than 4. Similar to the but also incorporates “PanelLink” drivers. It is believed that this is really just a with a higher maximum dot-clock of 80MHz.

Firstly, the ct chipset must be installed on a PCI bus.

Typically this is probed correctly, but if you believe it to be mis-probed, this option might help. If you chose my 665550 of using a serial cable, read the next steps. Now the maximum memory clock is just the maximum supported by the video processor, not the maximum supported by the video memory.

VOGONS • View topic – Of integrated graphics and P1-era systems: Unfindable CHIPS drivers

The authors of this software wish to acknowledge the support supplied by Chips cuips Technologies during the development of this software. This chip is similar to the but has a 64bit memory bus as opposed to a 32bit bus.

It will work on a CDT as well as they are the same except for processor speed and default memoryand might work on others.


This option forces the LCD panel size to be overridden by the modeline display sizes. Note that linear addressing at 1 and 4bpp is not guaranteed to work correctly.

The servers solution to this problem is not to do doubling vertically.

This option might be used if the default video overlay key causes problems. 6555 the [very likely] possibility that you do not have a suitable floppy drive.

This shouldn’t affect higher depths, and is fixable with a switch to the virtual console and back.

Information for Chips and Technologies Users

If you have a problem with the acceleration and these options will allow you to isolation the problem. The forms given below are the preferred forms. This chip, also known as the WinGine, is used in video cards for desktop systems.

You are probably using a dot clock that is too high or too low ; it is also possible that there is interference with a close MCLK. This is the first chip of the ctxx series to support fully programmable clocks.

However luckily there are many different clock register setting that can give the same or very similar chip. Which is the reason for the drop in the dot clock.

The clock code can be fooled into giving a different and perhaps more stable clock by simply changing the clock value slightly. A sample of an incomplete ” xorg. Yeah, I’d doublecheck with various utilities that the chip is being detected and identified correctly? This driver uses this capability to include a 16bpp framebuffer on top of an 8bpp framebuffer.


chips t65550

Hi-Color and Chops modes are implemented in the server. Unfortunately, most if not all require that you use a floppy disk. On a cold-booted system this might be the appropriate value to use at the text console see the ” TextClockFreq ” optionas many flat panels will need a dot clock different than the default cips synchronise. For this reason a mode that is as close to VESA like as possible should be selected. Using these should give you all the capabilities you’ll need in the server to get a particular mode to work.

Also the maximum size of the desktop with this option is x, as this is the largest window that the HiQV multimedia engine can display.

In fact the timing for the flat panel are dependent on the specification of the panel itself and are independent of the particular mode chosen. A ” letterbox ” effect with no stretching can be achieved using this option.

Once you have verified that the diskette is blank and has no bad sectors, open up a command prompt.