Maybe something is missing from Shrew but this fix works like a charm. To download these files, click here. If on an internal Citrix network, use winfix. Did regedit and connected to gateway straight away. Since these machines were upgraded from Windows 7 and not a clean install, I had to make the changes in the registry. Reinstalling both cisco and the dell sonicwall sotware did not work.

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This seems to work, and the existing vpn profiles are intact. Thanks a bunch, you made my day!

Now I no longer have to mandatory dual boot between 7 and 10 just to run VPN. This thread is locked. Once the file has been nde, click Connect.

How to fix Citrix DNE Installation and Other Issues

We have recently seen new or upgraded Windows 7 systems which are citric problems installing DNE. I did re-install the VPN client and also reset the network stack. I went to the Network Configuration Operators group and I am not a member of that group the list is empty.

Any ideas on how to solve this.

I had to edit registry at the end didn’t work without it Best regards, Emil. Thanks cittix your diligence for us little folk. Did the admin cmd prompt cmd and rebooted but issues.


Cisco VPN Client on Windows 10 TP – Microsoft Community

Your email address will not be published. Additionally, the computer hangs up upon reboot or shut down stuck on the “Windows is shutting down” screenand then the computer will NOT BOOT anymore. Thank youthe trick works perfect. After importing my cisco profile from: I really appreciate you posting this fix.

I just rolled back and won’t have tume to re-upgrade until the weekend. Operation “repair” for the Cisco VPN Client helped me to restore connection after upgrated Win10 to build without running – “netcfg -d”. I don’t think I’d tried the winfix step before, but this is now working dnee me on Stepped into the Win10 upgrade trap here too.

Install Cisco VPN Client on Windows 7/8.1/10

It did not work the first time I tried, so I followed someone else’s recommendation and uninstalled all previous versions, citriz DNE updater, cleared temp files, deleted registry entries and rebooted.

After trying a couple of times the install of the cisco software even became corrupted, and I could not install nor deinstall it anymore.


Citric have already given the fix that I have seen and had to perform myself. I get Reason I’m running ShrewSoft 2.

After reading your post, I installed sonicwall but it was asking me the pre-share key which I dont have for my vpn. It does not show on the windows programs and features app anymore. Also, I had to set the “compatibility mode” of the. However, on newer citrid systems such as Windows 7, Windows 8. If you get an error that it cannot run on this operating system then just extract the.

I have a Dell running windows Glad to see how much this is helping everyone get this software working. Thank you for solution! I tried without the reg hack and the VPN software threw and error about not being able to configure the virtual adapter.

Worked for me too: