About a dozen children were treated for superficial cuts, abrasions and shock at Prince George Regional Hospital, then sent home with their parents. Tibet is, perhaps, the least typical territory under the loose authority of the Chinese military. When he became Prime Minister, Mr. Meanwhile, Reuter reports from Kuwait that a meeting of Arab oil exporters has banned toe sale of Arab oil to Egypt and also suspended it from their organisation and three affiliated bodies — the Arab Maritime Petroleum Transport Company, the Arab Petroleum Investment Corporation and the recently- created Arab Petroleum Services Company, for signing toe peace treaty with Israel. At that time he said it ernment and the question ofi a 11 emative suggestions for thanking the society at its annual meeting. Guards at the Autostade ware doubled, toe word went out that any person bringing a package into toe stadium between torn and Grey Cup day would be asked to stop, identify himself, and open the package. A journalist is not the person to give consultancy advice on the acquisition of equipment beyond perhaps hinting that the VHS videocassette machine to hire but not buy yet is the Pana- sonic.

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Silk scarves from Jacqmar. Three sets of figures are now available where none could be prised out of any source only a couple of years ago. Some of which you never had in your crayon box. For some time, Gillette has known just how thick, how sharp, how precisely tapered a blade edge should be. Elizabeth Ann Allen, 1: The heels comah the general election scene has also shifted away -success the.


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In addition, there are a whole host of smaller distribution centres with training material ranging from.

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Tax or Fee for Airport Use? Most countries with any sort of film, production or exhibition activity publish annual. The tech- nology for producing it on a mass scale is becoming expen- sive. Unletsryoo’ re ad expert, most comparer systems look very much alike. Complete with amp 34QS.

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