You are commenting using your Facebook account. Email required Address never made public. It left a poor impression. The character-device based interface that one should use now is a helluva lot faster in many ways, like e. In most cases, it is easier to just buy a cheap universal programmer unit. And a simple bash interface is incredibly useful, thanks for bringing this to attention! If you wire it up to a PIC programmer then it identifies itself as a 18F14K50 but with locked out flash.

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I found a ch34 driver that works from my Linux ide.

You can buy the wch chips in bulk cheaper than the Microchip ones. I think bit-banging over USB is never going to pass my smell test, and I am not really interested in constraining myself to one of the supported protocol modes I2C, etc. I believe there are other c;2130 besides arduino. Now how do you keep that server from using an IP range and with bad luck IP address already in use on the host?

And a simple bash interface is incredibly useful, cp2310 for bringing this to attention!

CP WriteRead Command using LibUSB for Linux

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here USB is not good for precisely timed signals, which is what you need to emulate various programming interfaces. He got about 2. Notify me of new posts via email. Prolific might have actually been okay, but from what I heard, the market has been swamped with poor quality clones, which they tried too hard to deliberately reject with their drivers. Why are most of the programmers of Arduino chips are so complicated?


Not a great design but worked well enough. Never mind actually going after a chinese company internally with political connections you dont get big in china without political connections for wrong doing in the global market.

Does anyone here have a description of the vendor-specific device control requests that are mentioned in revision 1. I think you did answer my c2130 That it would be easy to accidentally break a USB connector with it? Have you looked at the CP?

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If you wire it up to a PIC programmer then it identifies itself as a 18F14K50 but with locked out flash. Is there something more fundamentally different about the two?

There was a time when USB to serial hardware meant one company: I could not find a reason to ever design in the Microchip UART chipset — it was slow and buggy, and I believe had some irrecoverable driver crashes in some disconnect scenarios. Replying to self after having found my old notes. As far as I can see, you need to close the old file descriptor and vp2130 a new one with the new direction.


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Obviously you should be imprisoned immediately. It left liinux poor impression. This is close, but no cigar. You dared to suggest that those poor Chinese manufacturers might be dishonest instead of just misunderstood and discriminated against.

cp linux kernel driver

I had bad experiences with a CH or 41? This is trivial to solve, just make the IP address configurable separately.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. I think the problem is that the character device way still needs to make its way into libraries and tutorials — hopefully, it happens soon!

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As for the character device interface, how exactly do you change a pin from input to output and back? No need for trivial formalities such as a trial. Learn how your comment data is processed.