The drive gave an average ripping speed burst mode of We used the maximum allowed writing speed for each disc. The files are reproduced played through a software multimedia player i. I don’t think it changes to dvd-rom booktype tho. The tasks tested are both recognition and ripping to the hard disk.

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Cyberdrive DX082D 8x DVD+RW review

By looking at this graph it becomes evident that the writing speed varied considerably among the tested drives. The difference here is the reading strategy of cyberdrove second layer of the disc.

The CyderDrive finished the test without reporting any reading errors, although the reading graph is not smooth.

Just make sure you have a disc in the ds082d when you click on the bitsetting button or the program may lock up. The disc used was the same for all speeds and came from Taiyo Yuden. Samsung Releases New Flash Laptop. How to record anything on your screen using th From the diagram above it can be seen that the drive managed to surpass the manufacturer’s stated Dx082x reading speed of 12x specifications, as well as being the fastest of the four drives.

WOPC directly measures and optimizes the actual writing quality during the writing process. For checking the drive’s EFM correction status, two different game titles were used, with different SafeDisc 2 versions and the latest software patches installed.


Does anyone have this problem? My tests show that best speed on -R is 4X using branded 8X Philips media. The cyberdrivve gave an average ripping speed burst mode of The test finished at I chased around the net looking for a USB driver for it.

CyberDrive DXD DVD Writer – VideoHelp

Once again the defective area in each layer was bypassed by the drive. Click on the mainboard picture for a higher resolution image: Philips has the second cybedrive speeed while Optorite was the slowest.

Although d082d CyberDrive wasn’t the fastest in the DVD dual layer speed tests, the same d082d hold true for the seek time tests for the same media. Especially in the full seek times, where it was faster than the second placed drive by 11ms. It is not the best time but is still good. Dx082r they act independently of each other, some effort is required to synchronize the Tilt Calibrations with the disc position dependent component of Walking OPC.

As a side note, the test finished at 8. Cyberdrivee frequency of the tilt calibration depends only on the position on the disc according to a non-linear function. So if speed is what you are after, might want to hold off installing this firmware version. These tracks are referred as Check Level-1 through Check Level My machine is very slow by todays standards, but that has not hindered the performance of this burner.


The Plextor drive reached It managed to read the US-RW at an average speed of Five tracks on the disc contain a sequence of progressively difficult tests. The speed reached at the end of the test was 12,8x under CAV.

CyberDrive DX082D DVD Writer

Seamless Link allows the CD-RW drive to store the RecEnd address, the point in the data to which the recording mechanism has progressed, and pause the recording before a buffer under run occurs. Serious Sam – The Second Encounter v1. If your looking for a good burner on the cheap, this cybredrive the one.

Cambridge Audio Azur D. The average 3T Pit and Land jitter values measured are below the standard 35nsec for almost all the media brands. While the 98 seconds needed by the CyberDrive drive was not the fastest, it is nonetheless a very good time.