The phonostage with D3a will be built in the coming weeks. For this price you can’t go wrong! Anonymous December 22, at 4: This is quality from Russia! So this is standard behavior for the NOS market, and I am convinced this will never change. Packed in original bag.

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Sold in cellophane sealed box “as is”, or tested before shipment, whatever you choose. EF86 Mullard Order Number: We can not help you with modifications, specially not when you have no idea how to do it.

Info sheet about C3g-C3gS-C3m. Very potential audio tube. Price adder for this is small.

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A real three grid pentode, no beam pentode like 6L6 or KT Not directly heated pentodes were made, because indirectly heated tubes were invented shortly after. Also, in general I only tested one tube. Look at the excellent data it has:.


For more on batteries for grid bias look here: They come out of the boxes crispy and new, as made just yesterday. Thank you for the information. Which is actually just price level. Regarding the use of transformers and very small resistors a tip from Joe Rasmussen over at DIYaudio the point seems to be to force the Sabre into triove output mode. Can be used at higher voltage. So use it as a very high gain pentode, ideal for Moving Coil amplifier, or others that need lowest noise.

As demand rised, no new NOS stocks were found any more.

An unbypassed cathode resistor sounded nice also but I need more gain. Only unfortunately nobody has them for sale, not even for highest prices.

It compares quite favorably with many of the pentodes.

I have a MC step-up transformer grounded secondary in front of it. Caucasian Blackplate Industry Professional Posts: Even the boxes trlode perfect.

I also tested a 6SN7 cascade driver, like the one used in the Reichert B. VinylSavor June 6, at 7: Triode Mode curves of GU I never get such tubes again.


Special red stamp on box for that. Place a battery is series with the grid, negative to the grid. These are the highlight of the art of tube construction.

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I think the interesting thing that completes this is the published voltage curve. So you see, this tube is really a first class product. Some says that LEDs sounds bad, but I really want to avoid that freakishly large cathode bypass capacitor. This is finest quality, it has lower distortion then normal EL I’ve now added some comparisons: What the transformer can do beyond this is to improve SNR.