Network Driver Makefile 3. By reading or writing these registers, a driver can obtain information about the type of the board, the interrupt it uses, the mapping of the chip specific registers, … On Intel target, the chip specific registers can be accessed via 2 methods: If the string is allocated but not empty, this routine tries to load the device. The parameters should be specified as hexadecimal strings optionally preceded by “0x” or a minus sign “-“. It means that we will have to re-write some mechanisms of this driver. This allows not to lose too much memory or not to disable cache memory for a page which contains other data than buffer, which could decrease performance. Therefore, we had to provide a way to manage the cache.

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Then the driver connects an interrupt handler to the interrupt line driven by the Ethernet controller the only interrupt which will be treated is the receive interrupt and launches 2 threads: If the string is allocated but not empty, this routine tries to load the device. This routine should reset, initialize, and select an appropriate media. Write the Driver Initialization Function. The driver supports big-endian or little-endian architectures as a configurable option.

This will later be used by the decGetEthernetAdr function. We have used it to configure the board. This board includes an Ethernet controller based on a DEC chip. Currently, this tool does not support the DEC 2140. Additional include files 4.


Accton EN All three media types supported. Current applicable release is 1. The descriptor structure is defined in the Buffer Descriptor Figure.

Error When Using DEC Based PCI Ethernet

Write the Sec Interrupt Handler 3. Many Ethernet adapter cards use the Tulip chip. If memory base is specified as NONE -1the driver ignores this parameter. The chip still has to be programmed to operate in little endian mode as it is on the PCI bus. If these flags are not set then the speed is set using the SROM settings.

To reference these buffers to the DEC chip we use a buffer descriptors ring. Tapping Into an Interface 4.


But concerning the port of the DEC driver into Netboot, we are faced with a problem: Early versions used National transcievers, but later versions are depopulated ZX boards. If this is specified as NONE -1the default of 32 is used. In such cases, all the registers which the chip DMAs to have to be swapped and written to, so that when the hardware swaps the accesses, the chip would see them correctly. This should be selected taking into account the actual operating speed of the PHY.

Once the attach function executed, the driver initializes the DEC chip. On other versions of the 21×40 family, the driver reads media information from a DEC serial ROM and configures the media. Because the DEC chip uses the host memory to store the incoming frame and because the DEC configuration registers are mapped into the PCI address space, we must ensure that the data read or written by the host processor are the ones written or read by the DEC device in the host memory and not old data stored in the cache memory.


We plan to port the DEC driver for the Netboot tool. If this is specified as NONE -1 then fec default of 64 is used. We have chosen to implement the PCI address access to obtain compatible source code to the port the driver on a PowerPC target. If the link status indicates failure, AUI interface is configured.

This thread is also event driven.

However, the user may wish to force the PHY to negotiate its technology abilities a subset at a time, and according to a particular order. DEC Driver Introduction 7.