Choose the optional internal switch and buzzer options. I chose to set up the following fields for each colour light:. I was already planning out how I would need to write a library that would simplify the madness of unravelling the various settings the example provided. A node library to drive a Declom Visual Indicator. Intensity, flash rate and duty cycle are all programmable.

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Build Succeeded by i-think Twenty-Two Both the build and the tests have passed. If this parameter is set to zero then the buzzer will continue its cycle indefinitely or until a rising edge at the bstop input stops the buzzer. The intensity of the red LED as a fraction between The Delcom Visual Indicators come with an optional internal switch.

The buzzer is stopped on a rising edge at this input. Choose the USB cable length; either 2 or 5 meter. I looked at the C example code provided by Delcom and initially was hesitant to get started.

AppSettings [ “RedisHost” ], int. The buzzer is actuated via software control.

Genuine Delcom 904007-s USB HID Rgy/blink Visual Signal Indicator

If this value is zero then the buzzer is turned off. This parameter is used to distinguish between multiple indicators.

It will then sound with the given frequency and turn on and off for the Buzzer on time and Visuxl off time respectively for the number of times indicated by the Buzzer repeat count parameter. Depending on your platform, Node-hid may require a compile, which adds additional dependencies. It supports the optional buzzer and internal switch configurations as well.


Delcom Products – USB Visual Signal Indicator Lights

The intensity of the yellow LED as a fraction between I was already planning out how I would need to write a library that would simplify the madness visal unravelling the various settings the example provided. The phase delay may be used to offset the flashing between individual Kndicator. AppSettings [ “TfsProject” ]. Importantly it means that the monitoring tools are well separated from the actual control of the light.

They no longer need to even exist on the same computer.

Build notification light using Redis and a Delcom Visual Indicator

I also wanted to be able to make the light flash while a build was running and continue to show the colour of the previous build result. Flash phase delay tunable offline.

However, if the optional sync port is being used, this computed resolution may limit the maximum phase delay achievable at runtime more than desired.

I decided to use a Redis hash a Dictionary to store information about the desired state of the light. If this input is positive at indicztor start then the buzzer will be triggered immediately.


The test opens an attached Delcom light and runs through the available functionality by turning it solid greed, red and blue and visuall flashing each color. The elements are ordered the same as the input ports.

Check this option to enable the sync port for synchronizing LED flashing. Fortunately obtaining the status visjal the latest build was reasonably straightforward.

The buzzer will go on and off for the number of times specified by this parameter. After using this to store some configuration information for some tests to great success I thought about using Redis to provide an interface into the inner workings of my build light.

The intensity of the green LED as a fraction between A rising edge is defined as the input rising from a negative or zero value to a positive value. Typical current consumptions are shown in the table below:.

The block inherits the sample time by default.