Mainboard Utility CD will appear. With DMI, a network administrator or MIS engineer can remotely access some information about a particular computer system without physically going to it. Some monitors have a switch that chooses between analog and TTL or digital operation. If after inserting the CD, “Autorun” did not automatically start which is, the Mainboard Utility CD screen did not appear , please go directly to the root directory of the CD and double-click “Setup”. Make sure pin 1 of the cable connector is aligned with pin 1 of J7. The network will detect Magic Packet and assert a wakeup signal to power-up the system.

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Second displays seconds from 00 to When p3s5 returns after an AC power failure, the system will return to the state where you left off before power failure occurs. Determine which setting is correct, either turn off the system and change the jumper or enter Setup and change the VIDEO selection.

Pd35 have an account? Connect a stereo cable from the line-out jack of your external device to this line-in jack. Reboot the system for the driver to take effect.


System The system will not boot and access to Setup will be denied unless the correct password is entered at the prompt. This beep code consists of a single long beep. In addition, the BIOS also contains codes for various advanced features found in this system board. Push and release again in less than 4 sec to restore.


Move the retention levers to their opposite directions then push them down.

User`s manual | DFI PS35-BL A Motherboard

Do not alter this setting unless advised by an engineer or technician. To prevent improper floppy cable installation, the shrouded floppy disk header has a keying mechanism. Hard Disk s fail 40 HDD controller diagnostics failed. This effectively doubles the speed of operation therefore doubling the speed of data transfer.

A jack is a one-hole connecting interface for inserting a plug.

These settings are not optimal and turn off all high performance features. This section gives you functions to configure the system based on the specific features of the chipset.

Supported Software Microphone This panel is vfi to configure the microphone. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference when the equipment is operated in a residential installation.

The power button will not function once a keyboard password has been set in this field. Usually the size is slightly greater than the size of a formatted disk given by a disk checking program.


Disabled The logo will not appear during system boot-up. Chapter 1 – Introduction Introduction Chapter 1 – Introduction 1. Sector This field displays the number sectors per track. The screen seems to be constantly wavering.

Table of Contents Chapter 1 – Introduction 1. The block size will depend on the type of hard disk drive. Remove the jumper caps from pins and pins of J7 prior to connecting the audio cable connector. If your monitor has such a switch, set it for analog. If more than 16MB of system memory is installed, this field must be disabled to provide contiguous system memory. Hyper-threading Technology Functionality Requirements Introduction Virus Protection Most viruses today destroy data stored in hard drives.

For example, 1 p. The Windows Task Manager dialog box will appear. Ground 1 3 Second fan Chassis fan 3 1! To install, please follow the steps below.