The G15 driver is engineered for golfers seeking a maximum forgiveness driver that delivers distance and accuracy. Munich77, on 15 August – Its cc titanium head is longer front to back and features PING’s patented ultra thin crown technology. I am hitting into the green. I think the K’s replace the V2’s only in spot in lineup. Sign In Sign Up.

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We’d love to have you! It appears the ping k15 diver is indeed a replacement for the Super Game improvement Rapture line. Already have an account?

Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie.

Ping G15 Irons: Ping K15 Irons VS Ping i15 Irons

If Ping had concluded that the investment in the high tech material and manufacturing that went into the Raptures wasn’t cost effective, I could easily accept that. Advertise with us Privacy Terms. Sign up for a new account in our community.

For now please use awesome services like stackoverflow. I have the K15 3H and 5H – although I don’t like the look of them at address they look like a swollen thumb or a pickle on the end of a stick beyween, they’re very differenfe to hit and some of the most reliable clubs in my bag. I hit a few drivers on a launch monitor and it produced a slight draw for me, and launched and spun more than the G K15, G15 or A N Other?


Onebulldogs, on 15 August – But I also now know where I fit on the “club tree”, and I’m even more comfortable now. For me the K15 was averaging around the yard mark where as the G15 was diifference the mark.

I can hit anywhere between and it always feels so good. Want to hide this ad? I am a fan of the progressive iron set myself, I had an old set of Nike Pro Combo that originally started the trend and can say that I like it, but the thing I wasn’t crazy about was the substantial difference in the look and feel of the longer irons compared to the shorter “blade” irons.

I hit a K15 Makes sense if you look at it from a marketing standpoint. Maybe that’s just in my little corner of the world but I am willing to bet that it isn’t. CSNbbs is an independent fan site and is ipng no way affiliated to the NCAA or any of the schools and conferences it represents.

Ping K15 vs Ping G15 — differences?

But I don’t care. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! Well reviving and okd thread but I just picked up all 4 k hybrids and love them very hard to miss hit. Sign In Sign Up. This thread is days old. BrandonG2 35 years old. Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free. Unless you just wanted to spend more, it would be hard to pay a premium for V2’s which, although good, are not a significant upgrade over the G series. The design also helps to contribute accuracy for golfers.


By saevel25Wednesday at The G15 driver is engineered for golfers seeking a maximum forgiveness driver that delivers distance and accuracy.

ping golf clubs: Ping K15 Hybrid VS G15 Hybrid

Register for free today! In short, if you like the differnece of the G15 hybrid, you will like these. The stainless steel iron features a tungsten toe insert to add forgiveness to the mid-size design. Here I will recommend you the ping k15 and G15 Driver.

Hitting into a 10 MPH wind nd the max distance I hit wasbut avg.