For detailed setup instructions, please download the Quick Start Guide from the Downloads section of this product page. Expand All Collapse All. If using a complex or hard to remember password, we recommend writing your password down and storing it in a safe place. What operating systems support DiskGO flash drives? If your password is difficult to remember, it is recommended that you write the password down and store in a safe place.

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This file system is compatible with both Windows and Mac systems, but does not allow for individual files of 4GB or larger to be stored on the rdge.

Thanks Guys, as for Motoman’s question about a funky usb port, they work just fine.

In order to maintain a high level of security, CryptArchiver does not offer any password hints. What if I forget my password in CryptArchiver? The time now is It is imperative that your password is remembered. So, I don’t think it is the Drive, rather there must be a software or hardware conflict in my system, moreover, when both the Edge Diskgo Mini HDs are on, windows XP won’t load, but as soon as one of them is turned off, Window will load.

If it is your first time using the application, the on-screen wizard will guide you through the steps needed to set erge your encrypted drive. All times are GMT Where is my encrypted data stored?

For detailed setup instructions, please download the Quick Start Guide from the Downloads section of this product page. If you create disskgo fixed drive at MB and place 50MB worth of data into it, the size of the drive will remain MB regardless of what data you add or delete from it.


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For fixed drives, you must determine the size of the drive prior to creating it because its size cannot be modified later. Automatic vaults take no time to create while fixed drives require some time to set up before use the larger the vault size, the longer it takes to create.

I forgot my password — how do I retrieve my files? Copy and paste or drag and drop files directly to the drive. Monterrey, Mexico Posts 8, When you say XP won’t load, are you trying to boot the machine with the usb hard drives connected? If you lose your password, edte must reset your device.

What is the proper procedure for exiting the CryptArchiver software?

EDGE DiskGO Portable – hard drive – 1 TB – USB 2.0 Series

If you connect only that one drive that appears to be malfunctioning, without the other one, does it work? I cannot store files 4GB and large on my flash drive — why is this?

How do I access my encrypted data? Thanks Motoman for your quick reply, at first I thought something was wrong with the Drive, I swapped it to another computer and it was detected. When this file is loaded through the application, the drive shows as a removable drive in Computer just like a flash drive.


Passwords must be between eight and sixteen characters and contain at least one uppercase, lowercase, and numeric character. But for whatever reason it won’t show the Drive. How about connecting them after Windows is fully booted disgo instead of before? I have seen many machines that will not boot with a USB drive attached, but work fine if you attach them while running.

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Oh by the way, don’t tell me to go to Edge Tech Support, I did. Expand All Collapse All. Automatic drives encrypt data at a slower pace in comparison to fixed drives, however. What operating systems support DiskGO flash drives?

EDGE DiskGO 3.5″ Network Hard Drive – NAS server – 300 GB Series

To disconnect, simply unplug the flash drive when it is not active when the activity light is not blinking. After the CryptArchiver setup wizard is completed, an encrypted drive is created. I tried troubleshooting with Windows troubleshooter and no luck their. When I connect them after windows is fully eiskgo, the system will only detect one which it named “H”.

To reset, you must input a wrong password eight consecutive times.